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08 February 2022 13: 00
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Language law in action: in Kyiv, two teachers were fired for the Russian language

The Russian language was not the most important violation of one of the teachers.

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Language law in action: in Kyiv, two teachers were fired for the Russian language

According to communication commissioner for the protection of the state language, the measures of state control over the use of the state language have been completed. According to their results, two teachers were fired - they, despite the comments of the students, spoke Russian at the lesson.

Two educational institutions in Kyiv were given special attention: the lyceum No. 303 of the social and natural profile of the Darnytsia region and the Specialized school of the І-ІІІ degree No. 152 with in-depth study of the English language, located in the Desnyansky district.

The administration of Lyceum No. 303 replied that “the fact of the use of a non-state language by a teacher in the educational process during a German language class was unfortunate and the only case that was given a proper assessment by the administration and the teaching staff”. As a result, the teacher was reprimanded, she admitted her guilt and resigned of her own free will.

The teacher of school No. 152 was also reprimanded for violating the current legislation on the observance of pedagogical ethics and committing misconduct incompatible with work as a teacher. He was fired also on a personal statement.

So why are teachers to blame?

The check was carried out on the basis of videos published in social networks in December 2021. At the first, the German language teacher of Lyceum No. 303 refused to use the state language during the educational process, stating: “I am proud that I am not Ukrainian, but Russian. You understand, he does not understandіyskoy". 70 years everyone said "my Russian mine" - and that's okay. And now you can choose which language to speak. He is not Russian mind"! You bachish, such a folding language. Do you need to start learning about the culture of the wild, wise? Shchob zratatisya to the teacher with a guard. Do you understand now?”

At the second stage, the history teacher of school No. 152, who taught in Russian, spoke extremely unethically with fifth-graders in the corridor: “You scoundrels, scoundrels! Now you will sing with me! I'll knock your brains out on the wall right now, *** fucking! Do you think that in this school you will do what you want?

If in the case of the history teacher there is indeed a reluctance to comply with the language law due to the fact that Russian is the mother tongue of the teacher, and she does not intend to calmly accept the language changes introduced after 2014, then in the case of the history teacher, there is a gross violation of teacher ethics , unacceptable either in the educational process or in personal communication between people. And the question of language in the second case is secondary.

Language legislation as a trigger

The language issue has become one of the key ways of social division since its adoption, and linguistic self-identification in Ukraine is on a par with religious and political ones.

Despite the fact that Art. 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates the free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages ​​of national minorities, the basic law is not implemented, and language scandals regarding the use of the Russian language occur regularly:

And many other similar events that lead not to the strengthening of the position of the Ukrainian language in the state, but to its negative perception on the part of the Russian-speaking population. This is despite the fact that even such adherents of Ukrainian as Petro Poroshenko, in everyday life they communicate in Russian.

And demonstrative regular persecution of Russian speakers has become commonplace, the purpose of which is to turn on the fear and self-control of the population in the language issue.

Previously, we wrote that Dr. Komarovsky harshly criticized the language law.

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