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14 January 2021 13: 17
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Yarosh caught Poroshenko on the plane and the airport in Amsterdam. Video and interesting facts from the life of the "hunter" for the ex-president

The ex-president of Ukraine escaped as best he could.

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Yarosh caught Poroshenko on the plane and the airport in Amsterdam. Video and interesting facts from the life of a hunter for the ex-president

Former fighter of the Azov regiment, national patriot Maxim Yarosh tracked down the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his return from the Galapagos Islands.

For the first time, Yarosh and the “sycholy hetman” crossed paths on board the plane, the Card Office Telegram channel reports.

“Pyotr Poroshenko, why did you exchange Cossack Christmas for islands?” - the activist asked Pyotr Alekseevich.

Poroshenko did not answer anything intelligible, and his wife Marina Poroshenko demanded to stop filming and turn off the camera.

The second time Yarosh and Poroshenko crossed paths after landing at the Amsterdam airport.

The national patriot decided not to stand on ceremony and switched to frank obscene language. Poroshenko, running away, demanded that they speak Ukrainian with him (Attention, the video contains profanity).

The very personality of the “hunter” for Poroshenko attracts attention. collected facts from his biography, which is very curious. In short, Maxim Yarosh, 39, has been suffering from mental disorders since childhood. While studying at school, he had repeated drives to the police. I went to the Maidan in 2013 not out of ideological considerations, but out of interest. Claims that he served in the Azov volunteer battalion, although some of the fighters deny this fact. In 2014, he was seen in collaboration with Ilya Kiva.

Recall that it was the Card Office that was the first to report that Poroshenko is resting in the Galapagos Islands and leases a £75 million yacht. Later, a number of media tried to refute this information.

Poroshenko has been in the spotlight lately. So, yesterday it became known that he lost the case to the UNN news agency, and Facebook blocked its next bot farm.

However, there is one curious detail in the history of VIP-persons' recreation: it was the Card Office that launched and began to untwist information about rest of the head of the Constitutional Court Alexander Tupitsky in the UAE. The resonance was so serious that even the press service of the KSU had to make excuses. Given that Tupitsky is now a serious problem for Zelensky, it can be assumed with a high degree of probability that the aforementioned Telegram channel is associated with the Office of the President. Therefore, the hunt for Poroshenko also looks logical.

We previously wrote that Poroshenko is going to the inauguration of Biden, and it became known how much he had already paid for participation in the solemn event.

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