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24 January 2023 15: 18
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Eggs in kilograms, or how the Ministry of Defense is trying to hush up the scandal with the purchase of products at fabulous prices

Corruption scandal with a multibillion-dollar scheme of theft in the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of food, we can say, was successfully resolved

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Eggs in kilograms, or how the Ministry of Defense is trying to hush up the scandal with the purchase of products at fabulous prices

Head of department Alexey Reznikov heartfelt story about "technical error", according to which eggs in the Ministry of Defense are counted not in pieces, but in kilograms. Well, and the journalists who dared to publish all this turn out to be trying to block arms supplies to Ukraine.

And today in the Moscow Region they found a rear-switchman, who, according to the assurances of the ministry, is not guilty of anything, but just in case, this noble man resigns of his own accord. And Aleksey Reznikov remains, because the Motherland and the Office of the President need him.

The story began with the fact that the Ukrainian publication Zerkalo Nedeli published the details of a contract between the Ministry of Defense and a certain company Active Company LLC for the purchase of food at cosmically inflated prices for 13,16 billion hryvnia. The story is beautiful in every way. First, a contract is signed with one company for a little less than US$ 372 million at the current rate of the NBU, although this is not the production of some unique equipment, but banal services for the supply of the simplest food items to the Moscow Region - potatoes, onions, etc.

Secondly, a multi-billion dollar contract is signed with a company that has statutory capital 1000 (one thousand) hryvnia. This is the same as the ex-minister of infrastructure Omelyan give these 13 billion to build a hyperloop.

Well, and thirdly, which, in fact, became the basis of the scandal - this is a comparison of prices in which the "wholesale" from the Ministry of Defense turned out to be more expensive than retail the same products on the example of not the cheapest Kyiv supermarket.

On the eve of Reznikov, on his Facebook page, he published gigantic canvas. Five pages of dense text, 1761 words, 12 characters... Probably, this number of letters is written by people who are not involved in the theft of several billion.

It is pointless to disassemble the entire text of the Minister of Defense, whoever loves long reads on the topic “Rafik is not to blame for anything” will easily find this sheet on the page of Reznikov himself. Let us only pay attention to the particularly odious moments.

Reznikov begins with a story of how, with great difficulty, he overcame the resistance of some mysterious monopolist on the food market in the Ministry of Defense.

“More than a year ago, this market was actually under the control of a monopoly. During my appointment as minister, I made a public commitment to demonopolize food services. And my team and I did it last winter.”- says Reznikov.

That is, a 13 billion contract with an unnamed one-day firm, according to the minister, is no longer monopoly, but demonopolization.

In other places, Reznikov is openly manipulating. Let's take the example of potatoes.

“For example, a range of UAH 7 to 36 is set for potatoes. per kilogram, because it comes in different varieties, ”- reveals secrets Minister of Defense

Potatoes, indeed, come in different varieties, as well as tanks of different models, you can’t argue with that. Only in this case, Reznikov compares not wholesale prices for potatoes, but the contract of the Ministry of Defense, according to which potatoes were to be purchased for 22 hryvnias, with retail prices in stores. Yes, there are expensive potatoes in the markets, washed, imported and even packaged. In this case, Reznikov could immediately compare prices with french fries at McDonald's. It would have been even nicer.

But the most ridiculous example of him was the example with eggs.

Recall that in the comparative table "Mirrors of the Week", MO buys one egg for 17 hryvnia, while in "Silpo" the same egg costs 7 UAH.

And here is what Reznikov writes. We quote the passage in full, because it must be read without cuts.

“In fact, this is a common technical error that the supplier made. Eggs are the only category from the catalog, which is calculated in pieces in the appendix to the deal. The supplier indicated the price not for pieces, but for the weight of the eggs, when he transferred the data from one table, where everything was given in the unit of measure by weight, to another table. According to the standards, a kilogram of eggs is about two dozen pieces, depending on the variety (the weight of an egg according to the standard should be from 42 g to 60 g). Price 170 UAH. per kilogram of eggs is 85 UAH. for ten. What within indicators other suppliers is fully consistent with the market price".

So, firstly, in the contract for 13 billion hryvnias, a “common technical error” is allowed. And this is written by a person with a legal education. That is, if the supplier decided to transfer the eggs in pieces, and not in kilograms, and then the Moscow Region would demand to throw more eggs through the court, then Reznikov would seriously tell the judge that a “common technical error” crept into the contract? This is the very case when the author, in all seriousness, holds his readers for ... (we suggest that you substitute the right word for yourself here).

Secondly, if you study all previous contracts of the Ministry of Defense from open sources, then eggs were always indicated there in pieces. The category of "kilogram-eggs" for the first time on the planet appears only in Reznikov. Moreover, even if you try to believe in these kilograms of Reznikov, then all the same, then, due to a “technical error”, 170 hryvnia per kg should be written there, but exactly 17 hryvnia is written. It turns out that the supplier then either calculated eggs by 100 grams, or someone just really messed up.

And thirdly, even with these ridiculous calculations, it turns out that the wholesale price of eggs under the contract of the Moscow Region is still much more expensive than the retail price at Silpo - 85 hryvnias according to Reznikov's "kilogram-calculations" against 70 hryvnias at retail in a supermarket. That is, even with such calculations it's still theft.

Well, Reznikov's ending came out classic. He tied the publication to the meeting in Ramstein, became threaten punishment from the SBU and vowed "don't let unfounded accusations set the stage for blocking weapons".

It reads between the lines like this. If the allies find out that they are stealing from us, they will stop giving us weapons. Therefore, we will find who leaked the data to journalists, and this will not happen again. Draining data, of course, and not calculating eggs in kilograms ...

Well, the next day (today that is) they still found a switchman. Deputy Reznikov resigned from the Ministry of Defense of his own free will Vyacheslav Shapovalov, who was responsible for logistics in the ministry. And this is how the dismissal of Shapovalov is described on the website of the Moscow Region:

“Despite the fact that the allegations made are baseless and baseless, Vyacheslav Shapovalov's application for dismissal is worthy deed in the tradition of European democratic politics, a demonstration that the interests of defense are higher than any cabinets and chairs ".

We will not be surprised if he is also awarded the order.

Total, wang: there will be no objective investigation. There are no culprits either. Because nobody stole anything. There are a couple of "technical errors" with whom it does not happen.

Well, Reznikov remains. Actually, we assumed these layouts the day before. So, Ukrainian soldiers continue to eat eggs not by the piece, but in kilograms.

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