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April 06 2021 17: 42
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“I’ll break you, new fish!”: the mayor of Cherkassy spoke obscenely to the representative of the National Corps during the session of the City Council

A fight almost broke out, but the police quickly separated the conflicting people.

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“I’ll break you, new fish!”: the mayor of Cherkassy spoke obscenely to the representative of the National Corps during the session of the City Council

A verbal conflict with the use of obscene vocabulary, which almost escalated into a fight, took place today at a session of the Cherkasy city council. Video of the incident placed hosted by YouTube.

Cherkasy Mayor Anatoly Bondarenko quarreled with activist, head of the regional branch of the National Corps Dmitry Kukharchuk. During the session of the city council, the representative of the nationalist organization received the floor. Rising to the podium, he began to talk about the cooperation of the local authorities with the "fifth column". The nationalist also accused the current mayor of corruption, lies and failure to fulfill his promises. Representatives of the "National Corps" during this brought to the podium a figure of Bondarenko cut out of cardboard.

“The last session showed that there is no opposition among the deputies within the walls of the Cherkasy City Council. Therefore, this opposition is created by the Cherkasy society. We are starting a social movement "Cherkasy without B", - said the leader of the National Corps.

The latter reacted extremely negatively to the words of the activist. The politician said that the activist can "only blurt out."

"What can I say. At all times there were ... who, apart from blurting out their tongues, did not do any real deeds ”- said Bondarenko.

At this time, the nationalist, who had already descended from the podium, turned around and began loudly interrupting the mayor of the city. He, addressing him as "you", accused the mayor of failure to fulfill his promises and corrupt activities.

“Don’t “poke” me, because like a man I can go out and “poke” you”, Bondarenko answered this, after which the activist suggested that the mayor “come out” and “sort it out”.

After these words, the angry Bondarenko got up from his seat and went to Kukharchuk. Deputies and employees of the National Police quickly stood between the conflicting parties. The fight was avoided.

“I’m going to break the fucking rookie of this one now ... Come here! Come here, I'll break you!", - said the politician to his opponent.

After the incident, the mayor threw out his own cardboard figure, returned to his seat and suggested that the deputy corps "finally start working."

Note that the Cherkasy mayor is not the first time gets into scandals. In the spring and summer of 2020, he became a kind of "personal enemy" for President Zelensky. Bondarenko publicly argued with the president, declaring his unwillingness to introduce strict quarantine measures (the mayor himself later contracted the coronavirus). In response to this, Cherkasy was introduced armored vehicles of the National Guard, and the head of state himself called the mayor a "bandit", with whom he "will not sit at the same table." Subsequently, Bondarenko won the election, receiving 54% of the vote. The pro-presidential Servant of the People party, for comparison, was able to take only 18% in the city.

Previously, we wrote about "mayor's riot" in Cherkasy. Anatoly Bondarenko did not agree with the rules of quarantine zoning and stated that the inclusion of his city in the "orange zone" was "premature".

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