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27 December 2020 12: 46
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"I would shoot at every enemy" - Kravchuk supported Zelensky's idea of ​​total mobilization in case of war with Russia

It seems that Kravchuk himself is ready to join the army

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"I would shoot at every enemy" - Kravchuk supported Zelensky's idea of ​​total mobilization in case of war with Russia

First President of Ukraine, head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Minsk TCG Leonid Kravchuk supported the words of the current head of state Vladimir Zelensky about total mobilization in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine from Crimea.

Kravchuk expressed his opinion on the air of the TV channel "Ukraine 24".

Recall that in an interview with Focus magazine Zelensky saidthat in the event of a possible aggression of the Russian Federation from Crimea, a “big war” and total mobilization awaits us.

“We will not go anywhere, we will all fight, everyone will be mobilized – both men and women”Zelensky said.

Kravchuk called this answer the words of a man who loves his land and even remembered that he was once also asked a similar question.

“When I was no longer president, I was also asked: if an enemy came to your land, what would you do? I said that I have a sufficient number of weapons of various sizes, I would shoot at every enemy who stood on my land, as long as the arms are held by my hands and as long as my eyes are looking, I will beat the enemy, and not live by the principle of "turning the other cheek." This is a normal response of a patriot of Ukraine, a man who loves his land.”- said Kravchuk.

However, not everyone shares the heroism of the former and current guarantors of the Constitution. Yes, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Sergey Krivonos criticized the words of Zelensky. He believes that under the current conditions, total mobilization in Ukraine is both impossible and ineffective.

“We understand that even if theoretically we can mobilize women and men, are these people trained to hold weapons in their hands? No. Do these people want to do it? No… Secondly, we must understand that even having mobilized people, we still have to teach them. Because we don’t fight with meat, we don’t abandon people by the tens of thousands.”- said Krivonos.

Interestingly, Zelensky's interview even provoked some panic. So, some journalists, describing the movement of the Russian military convoy along the roads of Crimea, suggested that this could be preparation for aggressive actions.



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