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20 December 2022 16: 45
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Explosive gift: in Poland they said that the person who gave the exploded grenade launcher was removed from office

The grenade launcher was presented out of good intentions.

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Explosive gift: in Poland they said that the person who gave the exploded grenade launcher was removed from office

December 12, 2022 in Warsaw at the Chief Commandant of the Police of Poland Yaroslav Shimchik exploded one of the gifts that he received during his working visit to Ukraine on December 11-12. As a result, it turned out that the commandant was presented with a grenade launcher, the shot of which led to an incident that ended in minor injuries.

Как turned out, Shimchik in Ukraine received 2 grenade launchers as a gift, one of which was turned into a loudspeaker, and the second just considered safe. A grenade launcher converted into an audio speaker was presented to him by the head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko, the second - the head of the State Emergency Service Sergey Kruk. Both assured Szymczyk that the weapon was not a threat and had no bursting charge.

According to military experts, such a grenade launcher could not have fired on its own if it had not been damaged. In addition, it is not excluded that the police chief himself could clamp some element of the grenade launcher barrel, which was not carefully checked. According to Shimchik himself, the grenade launcher exploded while he was trying to move the weapon in his office.

According to the information voiced, the grenade launcher contained training ammunition, but it is not clear how it is legal to present a charged or even unloaded grenade launcher as a gift, which, if desired, can be used for its intended purpose.

And later the story continued.

Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Kaminsky сообщилthat he was notified of the dismissal of the deputy head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, General Dmitry Bondar. Also in Ukraine, criminal proceedings have been opened in this case.

Explosive gift: in Poland they said that the person who gave the exploded grenade launcher was removed from office - photo 1

Later Head of Media Relations Oksana Trukhacheva did not confirm and did not refute the information voiced by Kaminsky. According to her, she does not own this information, and, perhaps, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs has some other information.

At the same time, Kaminsky himself did not voice his sources.

Now Shimchik must appear at the regional prosecutor's office in Warsaw for questioning.

Previously in the State Emergency Service clarifiedhow the grenade launcher hit Shimchik.

“Solely out of good intentions and deep gratitude, Yaroslav Shymchik was given a symbolic gift related to the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian aggressor. We are convinced that there was and could not be any intention to harm the Chief Commandant of the Polish Police.”, - said in the official statement of the department.

The State Emergency Service also voiced the hope that the incident would not lead to negative consequences for the high level of cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Poland.

Recall that September 3 a similar incident happenedwhen, at an exhibition of weapons in Chernihiv, one adult and four children were injured due to an accidental grenade launcher. According to the investigation, at the exhibition one of the organizers brought the grenade launcher into combat condition and fired a shot from it. According to another version, one of the children is on alert. However, how the loaded weapon ended up at the civil exhibition was not disclosed by the investigation. Perhaps this is a mistake of the organizers of the exhibition.

Previously, we wrote that Western weapons, like Russian missiles, run out all the time, but never run outand told how American arms manufacturers threw a party in honor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Washington.

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