Nikita Trachuk
06 August 2021 18: 54

Mine explosion in Donbass: death toll rises to 6

People are dying in hospitals.

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Mine explosion in Donbass: death toll rises to 6

The number of victims of the explosion at the Pokrovskoye mine has grown to 6 people. Miners die in hospitals due to their wounds. About it said ombudsman Ludmila Denisova in your Telegram.

Recall that he The explosion happened on July 31, a week ago, around 5 o'clock in the morning. The Pokrovskoye enterprise belongs to the Metinvest group of Akhmetov. In total, 10 people were injured due to the explosion at the mine, they were sent to the hospitals of Pokrovsk and Kramatorsk. 1 died immediately. A commission is working to establish the causes of the incident, most likely the incident was man-made in nature (the release of a methane-hydrogen mixture). We already Reported earlier about this tragedy.

Unfortunately, the miners continued to die from burns and injuries while in hospitals. Today it became known that the number of victims of the explosion has increased to 6 people. In Pokrovsk and the entire Pokrovskaya OTC declared two days of mourning, which will last on August 7 and 8.

“Unfortunately, six of them died from burns and injuries within a week. Four minor children were left without breadwinners.”, - reports Ombudsman Denisova.

She also said that a criminal case has already been opened on the incident. The official appealed to the local authorities with a request to provide full assistance and support to the families of the victims and the dead.

commented the situation and the head of the miners' union Mikhail Volynets. According to him, the organization of contractors that did the work at the mine by drilling ... did not have a license to carry out these works. In addition, the blasting master made serious technical errors in the development of the rock. And in general, safety precautions were observed in an improper way - otherwise, the victims, most likely, could have been avoided. That is, to the purely man-made nature of the tragedy (the immediate cause is a gas explosion), as is often the case, the human factor was added, since the indirect cause is incorrect work and non-compliance with maintenance.

“Only when the order system and control over the implementation of safety standards in the workplace, as well as the presence and free access of regulatory authorities, are restored ... only then the number of injuries, threats to health and life will decrease”- summed up Volynets.

Previously we wrote that there was an explosion at the mine in Pokrovsk.

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