Nikita Trachuk
27 January 2022 11: 45

Explosion of a bus in Voronezh: Russia announced a “Ukrainian trace”

So far, no formal charges have been filed; Ukraine does not comment on the situation.

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Explosion of a bus in Voronezh: Russia announced a “Ukrainian trace”

The explosion of a bus in Voronezh, which occurred in the summer of 2021, with a high degree of probability could be a sabotage by the Ukrainian side. Such information publishes "Moscow Komsomol" with reference to his sources in law enforcement agencies.

Let us recall a brief plot of the previous events. On the evening of August 12, in the cabin of a passenger bus, which was moving along the route along Koltsovskaya Street in Voronezh, there was an explosion. Its epicenter was in the rear of the cabin. At this point, the transport was filled with people returning home from work. As a result, 26 passengers were injured, two of whom could not be saved. What happened in the city had a wide public response. We have previously wrote about this tragedy.

The original version of what happened was a technical malfunction of the vehicle: either a problem with the gas cylinder, or something else. Later, a version appeared about “showdowns” between competing carrier companies. And yesterday in Moskovsky Komsomolets and a number of other media published new information: now the main reason for what happened is considered ... sabotage by Ukraine.

It should be noted that so far no one has made any official accusations from the FSB or other law enforcement agencies. "MK" refers to its own sources from the security forces. Nevertheless, journalists claim that the investigation, having worked out all the versions, came to the conclusion that the explosion was perpetrated by immigrants from Ukraine. They entered Russia on Ukrainian passports, and after completing their "work" they left the country. At the same time, the FSB allegedly claims that local law enforcement officers were aware of a possible provocation with human casualties, but did not take any additional steps to ensure security.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on these rumors. Klymenko Time will continue to monitor the situation.

We have previously wrote about the explosion in the Voronezh bus.

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