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29 December 2022 15: 30
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Departure of men abroad - attempt number two: details of the new law

Foreign trips for men liable for military service may still be allowed without a failed “eBusiness trip”.

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Departure of men abroad - attempt number two: details of the new law

Once failed loud presented by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of the project "eBusiness trip"who was supposed to give the opportunity for men liable for military service to go on business trips abroad, it turned out that several categories of citizens will still be able to travel abroad.

The word for the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff

This was announced by the Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko в interview edition of Forbes. According to the official, despite the fact that the “eBusiness trip” project has lost its meaning, Ukrainians who have received a reservation from the draft will be able to cross the border if they have certain documents.

“In view of the draft of the new regulation on booking, a separate “business trip” procedure has lost its meaning, because booked persons will be able to cross the border without hindrance if they have the necessary documents,” Sviridenko said.

This is a law that Parliament adopted in November. It was signed by the President Vladimir Zelensky. The Ministry of Economy has prepared a draft resolution that details and normalizes the criteria and procedure for booking. The document is currently under review.

However, under what conditions the booked men will be allowed a business trip - Sviridenko did not specify. And the final decision on this issue still remains with the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff.

“Our task is not to allow everyone to leave, our task is to help operating businesses go abroad to conclude new contracts, agreements, participate in exhibitions, etc.”, the minister noted.

What does the reservation law provide for?

The following persons liable for military service are subject to booking:

  • in state authorities, other state bodies, local self-government bodies, if it is necessary for the functioning of these bodies in a special period;
  • at enterprises, institutions and organizations that have established mobilization tasks (orders), if this is necessary to fulfill mobilization tasks (orders);
  • at enterprises, institutions and organizations that produce goods and provide defense goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations during a special period;
  • in enterprises, institutions and organizations that are critical for the functioning of the economy in a special period.

At the same time, reserved conscripts may voluntarily be drafted into the army during mobilization.

Recall that martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine were introduced on February 24, 2022, after which they were extended several times, at the moment until February 19, 2023. At this time, men from 18 to 60 years old are prohibited from traveling abroad, except for some exceptions, which we talked about in our material

Earlier we wrote that after the presentation of the eBusiness application, experts assumed that this the project, although very expensive, is a real opportunity to escape from mobilization.

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