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07 December 2022 13: 00
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Issuance of subpoenas at checkpoints: the Ministry of Internal Affairs made an important statement

And the Minister of Defense of Ukraine extremely emotionally commented on the demobilization of Ukrainians who served for a year.

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Issuance of subpoenas at checkpoints: the Ministry of Internal Affairs made an important statement

Mobilization in Ukraine continues, we recall that on November 16, the Verkhovna Rada continued martial law and mobilization for 90 days - from November 21 to February 19, 2023.

It should be noted that the legislation does not indicate that the notification of persons liable for military service is possible only, for example, exclusively at their home address, at work or in places of rest: it only talks about notification by serving a summons - that's all.

There is no prohibition regarding places where subpoenas can be served. That is, service of subpoenas in shops, malls and roadblocks is completely legal. By according to the head of the Kyiv City Center for Acquisition and Social Support Yuri Maksimov, even notification by phone is allowed, but the call itself is a legal procedure, and the decision of the head of the TCC must be formalized by an appropriate order.

Nevertheless, now in Ukraine there is no need to hand out subpoenas to those liable for military service at checkpoints, since there are a large number of volunteers. This was announced by the Minister of the Interior Denis Monastyrsky on the air of the telethon.

Monastyrsky was asked about violators of the curfew and whether they were given subpoenas so that they “remembered wartime” and visited the military enlistment office. “Today we have a large number of volunteers who come to the relevant recruitment points to be mobilized into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Communicating with our Armed Forces, I understand that today they have the opportunity to select the best of those who wish. Therefore, in principle, today there is no need to notify someone at checkpoints» Monastyrsky said.

In turn, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov  also noted that so far there is no need for an additional wave of mobilization in Ukraine.

“We are already taking certain organizational measures by decision of the General Staff... To say that at the moment we need additional mobilization is not yet a question. Today we have enough people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in general in the security and defense sector. What we need - and we do not hide it, we tell our Western partners - we need weapons. Starting from artillery, shells for it, armored vehicles, tanks, aircraft, everything. Our partners know this list of ours so that our guys can be more successful and efficient at the front, as we have been demonstrating for 9 months,” - he noted.

In addition, Reznikov responded to a petition regarding the demobilization of Ukrainians who served a year after mobilization. Recall that recently petition on the possibility of demobilization at the request of military personnel who have served for a year. “The situation of uncertainty about the terms of service leads to a deterioration in the morale and psychological state of military personnel, as well as potentially to social tension between those who served and are serving, on the one hand, and those who have not served and are not serving, on the other,” — stated in the petition, the author of which was Anton Vodyanoy.

In turn, Vladimir Zelensky listed valid reasons defined by law for dismissal from service, provided for in Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine “On military duty and military service”. We are talking about dismissal due to age, health reasons, in connection with the entry into force of a court conviction, for family reasons.

"Under the conditions of the legal regime of martial law, the dismissal of mobilized servicemen from military service on other grounds is not provided," Zelensky summed up, adding that he had applied to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to work on this issue.

But Reznikov answered more emotionally. «To date, the Constitution speaks of the duty of every citizen to protect their land. The question of leaving to rest when the war has not yet ended and the victory is ahead, it seems to me, is a somewhat strange approach. , - he stressed.

The minister also noted that there is a more constructive approach in parliament, namely a draft law on the possibility of granting holidays for a certain period of time. “About demobilization - imagine, today we have about a million people under the bayonet. Imagine letting go a million, gaining a million, and teach them, prepare them? It sounds very strange to me, I don’t understand the authors of this petition,” said the minister.

Previously, we made materials on the topic of general mobilization in Ukraine:

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