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14 November 2022 18: 16
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Joe and C meeting: no big breakthrough or radical change

Despite the fact that Xi Jinping announced the improvement of relations between China and the United States, analysts do not really believe in this.

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Joe and C meeting: no big breakthrough or radical change

One of most anticipated meetings of leaders of states on the eve of the summit GXNUMX in Indonesia was the meeting of the President of the United States Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. In particular, because relations between countries are now at their lowest level in decades. This is the first personal meeting as heads of state. Prior to this, Xi and the head of the White House communicated only by phone and video calls.

Climate issues, the war in Ukraine and the nuclear threat

It is clear that the first reports on how the conversation went, are purely protocol. And whether any points of contact were outlined, it will become clear a little later.

So far, it is noted that the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping and its American counterpart Joe Biden had a frank and detailed exchange of views on issues of concern strategic importance for Sino-US relations and on major global and regional issues, transmits Xinhua

In addition, the Chinese leader told Biden that the world expects improving relations between China and the United States and what he expects collaboration with the US President to restore ties between states. Xi Jinping also called "treat history like a mirror and let it determine the future."

Biden, in turn, expressed the hope that he and the Chinese leader could find way to work together on global issuesthat require cooperation. Among such problems, the American leader called climate issues and food shortages.

Biden and Xi Jinping also discussed war in Ukraine and "irresponsible threats to use nuclear weapons" by Russia. Both leaders agreed that nuclear war cannot be allowed, So what there will be no winners.

In addition, the leaders of the United States and China agreed that the Secretary of State of the United States Anthony Blinken will visit China, сообщается on the White House website.

There will be no change in relationship.

Despite Xi's claims, analysts from China on the eve of the meeting, they warned that the talks were unlikely to lead to any major breakthroughs or cardinal shifts in relations, about this пишет CNN.

Shi Yinhong, professor of international relations at Peking Renmin University, in an interview with American journalists a few days before the meeting, said that it would be "huge exaggeration" believe that the meeting could lead to any lasting and significant improvement in bilateral relations.

"Given that China and the US are in a state of near-total rivalry and confrontation, it is unlikely that the underlying issues can really be clarified," Shi said.

There are likely to be few opportunities for breakthroughs on other key agenda items, he said. including the war in Ukraine, continuing North Korean provocations и climate change.

"On the issue of Ukraine, China has already clarified its position many times. It will not change only because of negotiations with the US President. As for North Korea, since March last year, China has already ceased to consider the denuclearization of North Korea as a fundamental element of its policy on the Korean Peninsula ", - he said.

Shi also believes that when it comes to discussing how to specifically deal with climate change, it always leads to "antagonism in politics and competition for ideology and global influence."

By the way, on the eve of the meeting between SI and Joe, Politico, citing sources in the White House, also wrote that one should not hope for a breakthrough in US-China relations after the meeting. Because after many months of sharp and open threats from both sides, there is little space for mutual understanding between them.

It was noted that Biden is going to put pressure on Xi Jinping about the situation in Taiwan and raise question of Ukrainein particular to warn that in case of Chinese aggression against Taiwan the world will rally around Taipei just like around Kyiv.

Earlier we wrote that the Prime Minister of Great Britain Rishi Sunak intends to "challenge" the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Indonesia.

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