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April 19 2022 13: 45
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Taxation issue can be put to referendum - Hetmantsev

At the same time, the politician recalls that tax cuts will lead to a reduction in spending, primarily in the social sphere.

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Taxation issue can be put to referendum - Hetmantsev

Ukrainians can decide for themselves what system of taxation they consider acceptable, but everyone must pay taxes. About it said people's deputy from the Servant of the People and head of the committee on tax and customs policy Daniil Getmantsev.

“In fact, we need a fair system of redistribution through taxes. What was the problem with the tax system? Not in the tax percentage, not in the rate figure. It's about equality and general taxation. If one business pays a rate of 18%, another the same 5%, and the third pays nothing, this is an unfair system.”, - he said.

According to Getmantsev, everyone must pay taxes, but at the same time, it is possible to discuss the size of the rates.

“Perhaps 18% is too high a rate and there are some macroeconomic forecasts that will show that a rate of 15% or 13% will be better. I am ready to accept such calculations without any questions, but my principled position is that these 13, 15 or 18% should be paid by everyone..

Getmantsev believes that the new tax system should be woven into the "Marshall Plan" - a plan to restore the country. “If we are talking about the military-industrial complex or agricultural processing, then they should have special taxation conditions. If we are talking about foreign investments that we want to attract under the Marshall Plan, then there should be special conditions for them.”, - he said.

At the same time, he believes that the issue of taxation can be submitted to a referendum: “My outlook has changed a lot. We saw that people were walking with their bare hands against the tanks. This indicates that this nation has already taken place, has become mature enough to solve the issues of its life, to make decisions independently, including on taxation issues.”.

However, in this case, according to Getmantsev, the issues of taxation should be resolved as a whole, because tax cuts also mean spending cuts, that is, a reduction in the money that specific people can receive.

We recall that, according to Art. 3.4 Of law on an all-Ukrainian referendum, questions relating to taxation cannot be submitted to a referendum.

The economic situation in the country is uncertain

According to Getmantsev, now 80% of enterprises have already resumed work in a safe area, including heavy industry enterprises. But, despite this, no one can predict what will happen if the war lasts for years. Currently, the IMF predicts a fall in the Ukrainian economy by 35% by the end of the year, and the World Bank - by 45%. At the same time, GDP recovery, according to their forecasts, is rather difficult.

Therefore, Getmantsev believes that any forecasts are conditional and no one knows when it will be possible to move on to restoring the Ukrainian economy.

“Therefore, now our task is to fight for every tenth, hundredth share of GDP, for every enterprise, every job”, - he said.

The development of the military-industrial complex will help the country

According to the deputy, the military-industrial complex of Ukraine should become a locomotive industry that will help develop the entire economy of the country. For this, it is necessary that the state invests in the production of helmets and body armor, so that Ukraine does not import it as an import, but does it on its own.

On the other hand, Getmantsev believes that it is necessary to develop robotics, the production of drones and other scientific weapons. With the help of this, jobs will be created, high-quality goods, which can then also be exported.

At the same time, he refused to comment on the conditions for the supply of military-industrial complex goods from other countries, citing secrecy.

Previously, we wrote that the state tax service is going to deprive Ukrainian workers of payment for downtime and talked about a law abolishing a number of taxes in Ukraine for the period of martial law.

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