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30 November 2022 14: 00

Egregious violations: the Verkhovna Rada Commission to investigate the death of Deputy Polyakov reported on the delay in the case

As part of the case, they did not even collect enough biomaterial for examinations.

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Egregious violations: the Verkhovna Rada Commission to investigate the death of Deputy Polyakov reported on the delay in the case

In the pre-trial investigation of the death of a deputy Anton Polyakov there are a huge number of violations that made it impossible to establish the circumstances of his death. This is stated in promulgated on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the report of the Parliamentary Temporary Investigative Commission to investigate the circumstances of the death of the people's deputy.

How did the MP die?

The death of deputy Anton Polyakov became known on the morning of October 8, 2021. According to the published information, after dinner in a restaurant with friends, he became ill in a taxi, and 3 days later, methadone and diphenhydramine, which enhance the effect of the drug, were found in his blood. According to the results of the autopsy, it was found that the death of the deputy was the result of acute coronary heart disease, acute coronary insufficiency.

At the same time, some deputies immediately called his death a murder, saying that Polyakov had never taken drugs. And the alleged murder could allegedly be related to his opposition activities, active criticism of the authorities and allegations of corruption in the Servant of the People. According to Polyakov, “servants of the people” were allegedly given money in envelopes for voting, and he filed an application with NABU in this case.

A huge number of violations in the investigation

The report of the Commission states that due to the start of a full-scale invasion of Russia, the work of the highest authorities, law enforcement agencies and institutions conducting forensic examinations was paralyzed. Access to the BP building also became restricted, making it impossible for the Commission to work.

As part of the pre-trial investigation failed to establish the circumstances of Polyakov's death, namely, the source and circumstances of the substance entering his body.

The Commission emphasizes that the organization of the pre-trial investigation is carried out improperly, with significant miscalculations and omissions, and the materials of the criminal case studied by the Commission stated the facts untimely and poor-quality conduct of important investigative and procedural actions, and in some cases - their complete absence.

Thus, the toxicologist expert noted that the important question of whether Polyakov used methadone once or systematically can be resolved by an expert examination of samples of the hair and nails of the deceased. At the same time, the Commission found that the investigators were provided insufficient materials for research, which makes it impossible to produce the appropriate output. And this happened due to poor-quality sampling, which actually made it is impossible to obtain extremely important information to clarify the circumstances of the commission of this crime.

On the whole, the commission came to the conclusion that the general state of the pre-trial investigation was unacceptable in view of the established circumstances, which may indicate violent nature of death people's deputy.

It even got to the point that the testimonies of witnesses that they gave to the Commission differed from the testimonies that they gave to the investigator during interrogation and which are in the materials of the criminal case.

Also, the prosecution authorities and the pre-trial investigation body did not comply with the decision of the Commission to send requests to foreign legal entities that may have audio recordings of telephone conversations and correspondence in instant messengers of the participants in this criminal case.

The commission made inquiries on the case to a number of government agencies, but the deadlines for providing information were violated, no answers were provided, and in some cases there were refusals to consider the appeal.

In addition, the materials of the aforementioned criminal proceedings were not provided to the Commission by law enforcement agencies, which, in the opinion of the Commission, testified to the impeding parliamentary oversight of an investigation the circumstances of the death of a people's deputy.

Despite the fact that during the pre-trial investigation, evidence was obtained of the involvement of certain individuals in the incident (video recordings, expert opinions, interrogations of witnesses), the information was not even entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations, and nothing was done to hold these individuals accountable.

In connection with these facts, the Commission stated the need for additional investigative and procedural actions.

We also wrote about whose guilt Andrey Bogdan hinted at in the death of Polyakov, and told that Svoboda volunteer Oleksiy Shcherbina was killed in Kyiv.

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