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05 March 2022 14: 45
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War in Ukraine: what to do in case of storming the city and how to travel by car in conditions of mass evacuation

A reminder to all civilians!

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War in Ukraine: what to do in case of storming the city and how to travel by car in conditions of mass evacuation

The 10th day of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine is underway, the Russian army continues to storm Ukrainian cities. Center for countering disinformation under the Ministry of Defense promulgated instructions on how to behave if your city is stormed by troops.

What to do if your city is stormed

  • Seal the windows with tape.

Glue the entire surface of the window. Seal all windows with even strips of adhesive tape that fit snugly together. The more tape strips you have on your window, the fewer pieces of glass will scatter around the room. Don't even go near sealed windows.

If there is no tape at home, a simple newspaper or cloth will help protect against debris. Additionally, you can close the windows with any rigid shield. Do this if your community/area is at risk of shelling, street fighting, or if you live near infrastructure.

  •  Always keep your phone charged.

Be prepared for the lights to turn off. You can prepare an "alarming" suitcase. It should have a radio, a supply of batteries, charged power banks, mobile chargers that can work from a car outlet, a battery pack with a solar battery, and flashlights. It's a good idea to write down on paper the phone numbers of the most important people you might need to contact in a crisis (family members, loved ones, neighbors, emergency numbers, and info numbers).

  • Use blackout at night.

If you turn on the light at night, make sure that it is not visible from the street. Do not indicate your location to the enemy. Turn off the lights in your houses, curtain your windows, and turn off the street lights in your houses.

  •  Stay where you are while firing.

Do not try to escape from the place of shelling, so you expose yourself to even more danger. It is dangerous to run out into the street during shelling. If artillery fire, mortar shelling, aerial bombardment caught you on the way, immediately lie down on the ground, where there is a ledge or at least in a small depression. Protection can be provided by concrete structures (except those that may collapse or catch fire), trenches, shallow underground wells, wide drainpipes and ditches. Do not leave the cover without waiting at least 10 minutes after the end of the shelling, because after the volley, the results of the shooting are usually clarified and the fire is adjusted or the position is changed.

How to travel by car in a mass evacuation

UkrAvtoprom published a couple of tips on how to move by car in conditions of mass evacuation.

  • Through a continuous stream of transport in the same direction, the driver gets tired very quickly, and therefore, if possible, should change every two hours.
  • One of the dangers is that a large number of cars are moving in the oncoming lane, who believe in their impunity, and try to return to their stream when cars appear on the way. What to do in this case? Try to dodge and brake in time from impatient drivers trying to overtake their traffic in the oncoming lane.
  • Another danger arises when a large number of drivers overtake cars on the side of the road during a mass evacuation. Because of them, the movement of the flow can slow down even more. Try to move slowly and watch not only the road, but also the side of the road.
  • It is also quite dangerous when there are inexperienced drivers in heavy traffic who can get into minor accidents. In such cases, traffic often slows down. Certain problems arise when old and worn-out cars appear in the stream. They start to break down and cause traffic jams.

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to get to their destination during daylight hours. So, many drivers were forced to stop for the night, but many cities on the main evacuation routes closed entrances and exits. In such a situation, the driver need help, who rides in the front passenger seat and can monitor local publics on social networks to find out the situation in the village and find out if it is possible to spend the night here.

We previously told What to do if you find an unexploded ordnance.

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