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03 October 2022 16: 00
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Kadyrov sends his minor children to fight against Ukraine

After the head of Chechnya called on Russia to use nuclear weapons, he said that his three sons, the youngest of whom is 14 and the eldest is 16, it's time to show themselves in a real fight.

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Kadyrov sends his minor children to fight against Ukraine

Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said "minor age cannot interfere with the training of the defenders of the Motherland" and his sons Ahmat, Eli and Adam, who are currently 16, 15 and 14 years old, are engaged in military training from an early age.

Kadyrov sends his minor children to fight against Ukraine - photo 1

"Akhmat, Eli and Adam are ready to use their skills in the "SVO" zone. And I'm not kidding. It's time to show themselves in a real fight, and this is their desire, I only welcome. Soon they will go to the front line and will be on the most difficult sections of the line of contact," - wrote Kadyrov

Also in his style, the head of Chechnya addressed "sofa Chechen-speaking "warriors" sitting in front of computers in Europe"who claim that his loved ones are far from the fighting, calling them "get into position with the guys" and see for yourself that they are there.

“Come on, move to Ukraine, convince us that you don’t wear skirts and don’t hide behind them. We are convinced that even underage children will be able to crush you to smithereens, because you have neither spirit, nor honor, nor dignity,” - He wrote.

Recall that according to information MEDIA, the exact number of Kadyrov's children could not be calculated in this way, because for all his publicity, the Chechen leader prefers not to advertise his family.

В official biographies Ramzan Kadyrov indicated that he 11 children: 4 sons and 7 daughters. But in July 2020, after the US imposed sanctions on the Kadyrov family, he wrote:

"Okay, if I'm a human rights violator a hundred times, then how do you explain the sanctions against my wife and my daughters? By the way, in addition to my older two daughters, I have 12 more children! Feel free to include them in the sanctions lists!".

And at the end of December of the same year, the head of Chechnya published a photo that he signed: "Rare and valuable moments. When the whole family is together, as if there are no problems and in general there is no other life outside of a warm and comfortable home. Appreciate and take care of your family, friends!".

Kadyrov sends his minor children to fight against Ukraine - photo 2

In this picture, in addition to Kadyrova and his wife Medni, there are 16 children. Among them is the granddaughter of the spouses, who is held in her arms by the wife of the head of Chechnya, and his nephew is sitting on Kadyrov's lap.

Recall that after Ukrainian Armed Forces took control of Liman in Donetsk region, Ramzan Kadyrov expressed for the use of low-yield nuclear weapons.

“In my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to the declaration of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons. Every decision should not be made with an eye on the Western American community - it already said so and did a lot against us. Yesterday the parade in Izyum, today the flag is in Liman, and tomorrow what? Everything would be fine if it weren't so bad"- wrote Kadyrov.

And today in the Kremlin statedthat this is a statement by the head of Chechnya "emotions"you need "exclude from any ratings". This was commented on by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, commenting on Kadyrov's proposal. Dmitry Peskov

"The heads of the regions have the authority to express their point of view, to give assessments. After all, these are the heads of entire Russian regions, including Ramzan Kadyrov," he explained, adding that the use of nuclear weapons in the Russian Federation "occurs on the basis of what is stated in the relevant doctrine" and there can be no other considerations in this matter.

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