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17 November 2022 20: 00

Those responsible for the death of 298 passengers of the Malaysian Boeing were sentenced to life imprisonment - in absentia

The court in The Hague ruled that the Boeing-777 was shot down from the Buk-M1 air defense system on the territory of the “DPR” and named the perpetrators.

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Those responsible for the death of 298 passengers of the Malaysian Boeing were sentenced to life imprisonment - in absentia

Today, November 17, District Court of The Hague ruled in the case of Boeing 777 crash, shot down in 2014 in the sky over Donbass. The announcement of the verdict was broadcast on Online court.

The judge ruled that Malaysian airliner was shot down from the Buk-M1 air defense system rocket launched from the village of Pervomayskoyewhere they were at that time force "Donetsk People's Republic". He noted that the matter in question is a non-international conflict in Ukraine.

At the same time, the court of The Hague came to the decision that at that time the control over the militants of the so-called "DPR" was carried out by the Russian Federation.

“The court found that the Russian Federation had overall control over the so-called ‘DPR’ since April 2014. Many separatist leaders were closely linked to the Russian leadership. Kremlin. In addition, the Kremlin agreed on the appointment to "ministerial posts" and coordinated the supply of Russian weapons to the Donbass", the presiding judge said.

The district court found guilty of shooting down the plane Igor Girkin, as well as subordinate militants Sergei Dubinsky и Leonid Kharchenkobut justified Oleg Pulatov. About it said judge Hendrik Steinhaus during the pronouncement of the judgment.

The court held, in particular, that Dubinsky and Kharchenko were functionally involved in the supply of Buk air defense systems from Russia to launch a rocket, as well as for its evacuation. Before this court confirmed the Ukrainian version reasons for the downing of MH17, noting that Ukrainian warplanes were supposed to be the main target.

"Kharchenko reported to Dubinsky about the use of air defense systems and then complied with the export order," - the judge said, emphasizing that the defendants knew that the launch of the rocket would lead to the death of people.

The Court also considers that the intention to shoot down military and not civilian aircraft does not reduce the guilt of the accused.

"The accused, who are not combatants, were not entitled to shoot at a military aircraft", says the judge.

In this way, Girkin, Dubinsky and Kharchenko sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. Also court in The Hague estimated the total amount of compensation relatives of the victims of the MH17 crash more than 16 million euros. Judgment the decision can be appealed. For the prosecutor's office and the accused, the time limit for appealing is 14 days after sentencing.

The verdict has already been commented on by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. He noted that customers should be in the dock.

"But it is necessary that customers also find themselves in the dock, because impunity leads to new crimes. We must dispel this illusion. Punishment for all Russian atrocities - both then and now - will be inevitable," - said Zelensky.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also commented on the decision of the Hague Court.

"The course and results of the proceedings on MH17 show that it was based on a political order to reinforce the version of Russia's involvement. Moscow regrets that the Hague court neglected the principles of impartial justice for the sake of political expediency", - consider in the Russian diplomatic department.

In addition, the media of the Russian Federation, referring to a source in law enforcement agencies, write that Russia refuses to extradite to the Netherlands Girkin and Dubinsky.

"The Constitution of the Russian Federation establishes a direct ban on the extradition of Russian citizens to foreign states. That is why neither one nor the second convict will be extradited," - said the source of the publication in law enforcement agencies.

He also stated that Russian authorities do not recognize the decision of the Hague courta, since Russia was removed from the investigation of the plane crash in the Donbass.

Recall Malaysian Airlines passenger aircraft flying MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down in the sky over the part of the Donetsk region not controlled by Ukraine in 2014 year. On board were 298 man they all died. The dead were citizens of 10 countries, including 193 residents Netherlands, 43 - Malaysia, 27 - Australia.

Among the main suspects are three regular Russian military men - the former "Minister of Defense" of the so-called "DPR" Igor Girkin-Strelkov and his subordinates - "deputy minister" Sergei Dubinsky, his subordinates Oleg Pulatov и Leonid Kharchenko. The defendants do not take part in the hearings. Pulatov is the only one of them who, through a lawyer, declared his innocence.

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