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April 01 2022 13: 45
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A national IT cluster is being created in Transcarpathia: IT specialists will be exempted from military service

Transcarpathian OVA will reserve IT specialists from conscription.

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A national IT cluster is being created in Transcarpathia: IT specialists will be exempted from military service

Transcarpathia will become a national hub for Ukrainian businesses protecting the Ukrainian economy. An IT cluster is being created in the region and they promise to free all IT specialists who move there from military service. About it сообщил head of the Transcarpathian OVA Viktor Mikita.

It is noted that IT-specialists in Transcarpathia are promised to be provided with locations for work, high-quality Internet, assistance and support in the tax field. In addition, the local military administration will reserve IT specialists from being drafted into the army.

“What we offer: we reserve IT-specialists from conscription during mobilization and martial law, provide locations for work, converted office space and co-working spaces, provide their security, provide high-quality modernfixed Internet (fiber, satellite), we help to support economic, tax and economic activities”, – said the head of the OVA.

What should IT companies and specialists who want to move to Transcarpathia do:

  • register with the Ministry of Economy as an enterprise that wants to move its activities and facilities to the Transcarpathian region;
  • register a business entity in the region as a reintegrated enterprise from another region;
  • after that, the OVA and the Ministry of Economy will form proposals for booking IT specialists from conscription for military service during mobilization and martial law.

It is noted that since the beginning of the war, about 35 IT specialists have already moved to Transcarpathia and are operating in the region.

An IT battalion was created in Kyiv

In addition, an IT battalion was created in Kyiv - the Center for Protection and Monitoring of Digital Systems of the Capital. About it сообщил Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Peter Olenich.

According to him, the Kyiv Center for Protection and Monitoring of Digital Systems:

  • daily supports and protects vital IT services of the capital from cyberattacks;
  • organizes the interaction of critical enterprises of the city for the stable operation of IT services;
  • adapts "Kyiv Digital" to wartime conditions - creates new services, informs, "dresses in camouflage";
  • coordinates work on digital systems that will be hosted on cloud services outside of our country.

“Although officially this is the start of the work of the IT battalion, in fact it is the consolidation of the first achievements. A month in 24/7 mode, it's time to formalize the activity. From the first minutes of the war, the team has been holding a blow on the digital and information front. Today the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko approved the establishment of the Center”, Olenich noted.

Earlier we wrote that in Ukraine the spring conscription starts: who will be called up and who is entitled to a deferment.

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