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April 23 2021 10: 41
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Not enough for everyone: a batch of AstraZeneca vaccine from South Korea arrived in Ukraine

A total of 367 thousand doses were brought.

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Not enough for everyone: a batch of AstraZeneca vaccine from South Korea arrived in Ukraine

This morning, a batch of South Korean-made AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Kyiv. She was delivered to Ukraine as part of the international Covax program. About it сообщил chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko during a morning briefing.

It is noted that a special plane with the drug landed at the Kiev airport "Zhulyany" around 9 am. He has on board - 367 thousand doses AstraZeneca. Recall that the vaccine came to us as part of the international project Covax. This is an initiative that provides for the fair distribution of medicines between poor and rich countries. So, thanks to the program, on April 16 in our country brought first batch of vaccines pfizer. Thus, taking into account today's delivery, more than a million drugs have already been officially delivered to Ukraine - which is still not enough for mass vaccination of the population.

"Ukraine, having fulfilled its obligations to the global mechanism ... receives the first supply, which will immediately be transferred to those categories of the population for which it is intended", - Viktor Lyashko said at the briefing.

We are talking primarily about the elderly, as well as medical and social workers. In addition, we note that the South Korean AstraZeneca in its composition and effect is generally identical to the Indian one. covishield, which Ukraine received previously. Thus, those Ukrainians who received the first of two vaccinations against coronavirus with Covishield will be able to receive the second shot with AstraZeneca.

By the way, there was a hitch with the delivery again. So, the vaccine from South Korea was expected yesterday, April 22. However, they brought it only by the morning of the 23rd. Also сообщалосьthat Ukraine is negotiating the purchase of 1,2 million doses of AstraZeneca from South Korea and not only (we are talking, in particular, also about Poland).

Recall that from the use of AstraZeneca world countries massively refuse, one by one. In total, more than three dozen states have suspended vaccination with this drug due to the risk of developing thrombosis after the injection, which can lead to death. It should be noted that in the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the risk of thromboembolism after vaccination do not recognize.

We previously reported plans of the head of the Ministry of Health Stepanov to purchase an additional vaccine for Ukrainians. Despite the fact that the plan itself is good, the whole point is in the details: the minister is going to find the missing 6,5 billion hryvnia by cutting the already underfunded state medical programs. Thus, ordinary Ukrainian patients may suffer from Stepanov's initiatives.

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