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08 June 2022 10: 00
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Council responsible for de-Russification and demolition of monuments to be created in Ukraine

The Ministry of Culture believes that now this is a very timely decision.

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Council responsible for de-Russification and demolition of monuments to be created in Ukraine

In Ukraine, they intend to create a council for de-Russification, decommunization and decolonization. About it сообщили at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

The ministry believes that de-Russification, decommunization and decolonization are "timely processes in the history of modern Ukraine".

It is noted that public discussions have now been held and the creation of an advisory body - a council under the Ministry of Culture and the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, which will deal with the above issues, has been initiated. It is expected that local governments, in dialogue with society, should make common decisions regarding the dismantling or transfer of monuments and other objects of the Soviet past.

We emphasize that such advisory bodies, as a rule, work in a rather closed mode, and decisions are made as non-publicly as possible and without real public discussion within the framework of working groups, whose members are practically unknown to anyone, or even without such groups at all. As a result, residents of settlements are simply confronted with the fact of a decision that has already been made.

In addition, residents of other regions are often allowed to make such decisions. For example, when they voted for the renaming of metro stations in Kyiv, voting took place through a Google form without identifying Kiev residents at the place of residence, that is, anyone could fill it out.

Recall that after the start of the war in Ukraine, they began to demolish monuments and other memorials that are associated with Russia and the USSR. In Kyiv alone, they originally planned dismantle 60 monuments and memorial signs and rename 467 streets.

As a result, in Kyiv, the Arch of Friendship of Peoples was renamed the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People, and the Soviet statues standing near it were also dismantled. In Kharkov, the monument to Alexander Nevsky was dismantled, and in Nikolaev and Ternopil - monuments to Alexander Pushkin.

In addition, preparations are underway for the new academic year, and a decision has been made to exclude literary works that glorify the Russian army from the curriculum. In the list of such works even Tolstoy's "War and Peace", and before that it was proposed to remove the works of Dostoevsky.

Also remember that in May Ukraine banned the Communist Party.

Previously, we wrote that in the capital suspended the renaming of streets and metro stations due to criticism process by the public and specialists, and told what documents will have to be reissued if the name of the street on which you live has changed.

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