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31 March 2021 17: 54
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In Ukraine, pensions will increase from April 1 - however, only for working pensioners

Approximately 2 million elderly people will be recalculated.

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In Ukraine, pensions will increase from April 1 - however, only for working pensioners

From tomorrow, pensions will be raised in Ukraine - a recalculation will be carried out for about two million working pensioners. This solution is provided in accordance with by law Verkhovna Rada on compulsory state pension insurance.

It is reported that payments will be increased for those who were assigned or recalculated pensions before April 1, 2019 inclusive. Whether there were breaks in the work or not, nothing depends. Note that the recalculation is based on their income. For each amount will be individual.

According to available data, about 2,7 million pensioners are currently working in Ukraine. Mostly these are elderly people. Of these, about 700 have retired over the past two years.

However, the Pension Fund notes that a particularly large increase should not be expected. On average, it amounted to two percent of the amount already available. That is, if a pensioner received 3 thousand hryvnias, then the increase will be 60 hryvnias, etc. No additional applications or applications for recalculation need to be made.

«The bodies of the Pension Fund annually from April 1, without additional requests from persons, recalculateёt pensions to those persons who, as of March 1 of the year in which the recalculation is carried outёt, received the right to recalculateёand» - said in the law.

In this context, we can recall Shmygal's promise to pay "quarantine assistance" to sole proprietors in the amount of 8 thousand hryvnia. Then the Minister of Social Policy Marina Lazebnaya saidthat due to assistance to entrepreneurs (in particular, in connection with the exemption from ERUs), the Pension Fund suffers. According to her, he missed 4,5 billion hryvnia. This money could go to pensioners.

Note that the new payments promised by the Prime Minister will begin in a few days. The Minister of Digital Transformation Fedorov spoke about this on the air of one of the TV channels. According to him, so far the government is prescribing algorithms for these payments. It will be possible to apply through the Diya application in early April, that is, in the coming days.

We previously wrote that Ukrainians massively evade paying taxes. Because of this, up to 8 billion dollars annually does not enter the state treasury. Part of this money could go to the Pension Fund, but due to non-payment of fees, this option is excluded, and Ukrainian pensioners receive less of their payments. According to the head of Nalogova Lyubchenko, Ukraine needs to fundamentally reform the very principle of taxation of citizens towards transparency and equality.

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