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26 December 2022 17: 00
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Ukraine has a record low number of unemployed: men are afraid to go to the employment service for fear of being mobilized

Most of the registered unemployed in employment centers are women.

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Ukraine has a record low number of unemployed: men are afraid to go to the employment service for fear of being mobilized

In Ukraine, the official number of unemployed who are registered with the employment service has decreased. However, the reason for this was not an improvement in the situation on the labor market. About it сообщил people's deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

According to him, now in Ukraine there is record low number of unemployed in the country: as of December 26, there were 191 thousand people. Such a low rate in the country has never been in the history of independence.

For comparison: on November 24, 223 unemployed people were registered in Ukraine, which at that time was also a record low, but over the past month this number has decreased by another 30 people.

Ukraine has a record low number of unemployed: men are afraid to go to the employment service for fear of being mobilized - photo 1

But these data do not at all indicate that things are gradually getting better in the country. On the contrary, it is bright a marker of extremely negative trends in the labor market and in society as a whole. And according to Zheleznyak, 3 factors led to this situation:

  • unemployment payments are made only for 90 days from the date of registration at the employment center;
  • the balance of travel abroad is negative – that is, more people leave the country than return;
  • men must take documents from the military enlistment office before registering at the employment center. So now 77% of registered unemployed are women. This is despite the fact that gender disproportion persists within the state: only women can leave the country for war, while men of military age are not allowed to leave. That is, there are more men now, which means that there are also more unemployed among them, but they are afraid to go to job centers for fear of being mobilized.

Note that in the comments in these statistics, Ukrainians also indicated that half of the FLP in the country also does not work, but they are not allowed to register as unemployed, that is, the official statistics on unemployment are incorrect for this reason as well. Also, some people indicated that they were actually unemployed, but officially employed, because they were not paid wages for February, and if they quit, they would not be able to receive the money they earned at all.

Recall that, according to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine at the end of November, in Ukraine, unofficially, there are already more than 5 million unemployed.

At the same time, the launch of the Recovery Army, which, in theory, was supposed to help partially solve the problem of unemployment, although minimum wage for hard work, did not solve the problem at all: according to the program, as of mid-December, the employed were total 3314 people.

It should be noted that a similar situation is developing with male IDPs: IDPs intend to carry out targeted checks connect with military registration, and those IDPs who are not found at their actual place of residence will be deprived of payments. In addition, male IDPs who are not registered with the military promise to fine.

Under such conditions, the Ukrainian authorities plan to raise tariffs for the population in 2023 - after the end of the heating season, which we talked about in more detail in the link material.

We also wrote about some Ukrainians can be fired right before the New Yearand wrote about in the cities of Ukraine they again began to deliver agendas to cafes and markets.

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