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April 07 2022 10: 02
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Ukraine has developed a bill introducing new grounds for the dismissal of employees

It is assumed that innovations will help optimize labor relations for the period of hostilities.

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Ukraine has developed a bill introducing new grounds for the dismissal of employees

Registered in the Supreme Raz bill №7251 authorship of the deputy from the "Servant of the People" Galina Tretyakova, which provides for a number of changes to labor legislation, including additional grounds for the dismissal of workers in the war.

The bill proposes:

  • Additional grounds for dismissal of an employee: the inability to provide the employee with working conditions due to the fact that the production, organizational, technical capacities, means of production or property of the employer necessary for the performance of work by the specified employee were destroyed as a result of hostilities. In addition, it is proposed to introduce a special procedure for the dismissal of such an employee.
  • The basis for termination of the employment contract will also be absence of an employee at work and information about the reasons for such absence for more than 4 months.
  • The bill provides for a reduction in the period of additional leave for combatants from 14 to 7 calendar days.
  • In the event of the death of an employee, monetary compensation for unused days of annual leave, as well as additional leave for employees with children, will be paid to his family members, and in case of their absence, it will become part of the inheritance.
  • According to the bill, normal working hours during martial law can be increased up to 60 hours a week for workers employed at critical infrastructure facilities (in the defense sector, in the field of life support for the population, etc.).
  • The procedure for granting the annual employee's main leaveif it is more than 24 calendar days.
  • Suspension of an employment contract it will be necessary to draw up an order (instruction) of the employer, in which it is necessary to indicate information on the reasons for the suspension, the period of suspension of the employment contract, the number and category of employees to whom this may concern, as well as the conditions for the renewal of the employment contract.
  • The order (instruction) on the suspension of the employment contract, the employer will submit for approval to the civil-military administration.
  • During the period of martial law, the State Labor Service and its territorial bodies will be able to conduct unscheduled inspections on issues of identifying unregistered labor relations and termination of an employment contract.
  • During martial law or a state of emergency, all notices and documents on labor relations, orders (instructions) of the employer will be able to be carried out and be conducted electronically using technical means of electronic communications or by sending electronic media on which this document is recorded.
  • Considering that some categories of employees are idle, leave without pay or with them, employment contracts may be suspended, the draft law certain restrictions are lifted during this periodprovided by the legislation in the field prevent corruption to engage in other paid or entrepreneurial activities.
  • Compensation for workers and employers sums of money lost as a result of armed aggression are assigned to the state, carrying out military aggression against Ukraine - that is, against Russia.

Note that the list of authors of the bill includes a number of deputies from the Servant of the People, that is, it is likely to be adopted.

Previously, we wrote that in Ukraine, under martial law, they have already liberalized labor legislation and simplified the dismissal of workers and how the Ministry of Economy wants fight shadow employment in the war.

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