23 December 2022 09: 35
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Ukraine is working on proposals for a peaceful settlement on the anniversary of the start of the war

In parallel, both sides of the conflict continue to strengthen their military positions.

The Wall Street Journal
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Ukraine is working on proposals for a peaceful settlement on the anniversary of the start of the war

The Ukrainian authorities, despite their public statements about the need to increase the supply of weapons, are working on a peace plan to resolve the war with the Russian Federation. The final version of the proposals can be submitted in February 2023. About this пишет The Wall Street Journal.

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Diplomacy is gaining momentum around Russia's war in Ukraine, but instead of focusing publicly on negotiations, the parties are focused on strengthening their positions on the battlefield ahead of a potential Russian offensive that Ukraine and its allies expect early next year.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a visit to Washington asked US leaders to provide his country with more weapons - and deliver them quickly.

"Russia could stop its aggression if it wanted to, but you can hasten our victory", Zelensky said at a special joint meeting of Congress. He mentioned the peace initiative that he discussed with the President Joe Biden, but made it clear that his priority was to get more weapons.

Biden, refraining from a significant increase in arms transfers, said in a press conference with Zelensky that the US will continue to support Kyiv in the fight.

Kyiv and Moscow are looking for advantages on the battlefield as winter approaches and fighting in freezing conditions becomes increasingly difficult. Both sides also are working to gain the upper hand in preparation for negotiations, which many see as inevitable, although the timing of any talks remains far from clear and is likely to be no sooner than a few months away.

European diplomats say they firmly believe that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin determined to launch a new offensive between February and April, and therefore will not be interested in negotiating until he makes another offensive attempt.

At the same time, Putin rejected such assumptions on Thursday.. “Our goal is not to inflate this military conflict, but, on the contrary, to end this war, which is what we strive for and will continue to strive for”, - he said.

A day earlier, he had shown signs that he was preparing for a protracted war by promising his armed forces unlimited funding for a military campaign in Ukraine. He ordered his commanders to supply more advanced weapons to the troops, improve communications and modernize military registration and enlistment offices.

Biden said on Wednesday that he thinks Putin "does not intend to stop this cruel war". So the White House announced a new security assistance package for Ukraine worth about $1,8 billion, which for the first time includes the installation of a Patriot anti-missile battery and other advanced munitions.

President of France Emmanuel Macron, who was one of the few Western leaders who spoke to Putin more than once this year, indirectly supported the peace through negotiations, arguing that any settlement of the war must take into account Russia's security interests.

Europe's inability to deliver significant amounts of weapons to Ukraine has limited Kyiv's ability to strike back at Russia, military analysts say.

Among all the talk of fighting and guns Zelensky cherished hope for negotiations. The Ukrainian president's talk Thursday about a peace formula follows Kyiv's recent discussion of a 10-point peace plan. Zelensky's team is currently working on a plan and intends to present their ideas on or around the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on or around February 24, according to European and Ukrainian diplomats.

U.S., Ukrainian and NATO officials said that Ukraine's position in any possible negotiations, in which the country is likely to demand significant concessions from Moscow, will depend on its position on the battlefield, and therefore Kyiv wants to prepare for possible peace negotiations by reaching military victories.

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