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02 December 2022 16: 45
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Ukraine plans to raise tariffs to market levels and the cost of heat by 30-40%: details

With a high probability, everything will start to rise in price, regardless of whether the war is over or not, and business prices have already been raised.

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Ukraine plans to raise tariffs to market levels and the cost of heat by 30-40%: details

In Ukraine, they are increasingly talking about the need to increase utility tariffs for the population, frozen until the end of the war.

The topic is raised, despite the fact that in Ukraine introduced a ban on raising utility rates until the end of the war and 6 months after. The restriction applies to natural gas distribution services, heat energy tariffs and services for the supply of heat energy and hot water. The country also fixed gas tariffs for the population at the level of UAH 7,96. per cubic meter for Naftogaz customers (prices may differ for other companies).

We tell you what, where, when and how much they plan to increase.

Gas tariffs are 'very cheap'

Head of the Tax Committee of Ukraine Daniil Getmantsev saidthat the gas tariffs set for the population are unreasonably low.

According to him, promises to people will be kept: until the end of the heating season, that is, until April 2023, tariffs will not be changed. And since April, there is reason to say that gas prices may change.

According to Getmantsev, this should have been done much earlier, since the current fixed tariff is "very cheap".

And the electrician will be held until April

Press Service of the Ministry of Energy reportedthat electricity prices for the population will remain unchanged until the end of this heating season - until 31 March 2023 g. And from April 1, April Fool's Day, tariffs, apparently, will increase.

Now electricity tariffs for the population are fixed at the following level: UAH 1,44/kW for consumption up to 250 kW per month and UAH 1,68/kW for consumption over 250 kW per month.

At the same time, they intend to raise electricity tariffs for businesses for the second time this autumn, and this time - up to 6 UAH/kW for certain categories of consumers.

Also, Ukrenergo will initiate in 2023 an increase in the tariff for transmission of electricity by 51% and electricity dispatching by 356%, which will mainly hit the Ukrainian industry, already suffering from blackouts.

And overall, utility bills will go up.

The new head of the NBU Andrey Pyshny saidthat the high cost of energy carriers encourages a gradual increase in tariffs to the level of market. And they intend to do this in war conditions, when incomes of Ukrainians, on the contrary, are declining, unemployment hits records. At the same time, he did not specify whether this will affect all tariffs, or only those for which a moratorium has not been introduced.

Lviv has already decided on the future

The Executive Committee of the Lviv Regional Council, in accordance with the requirement of the Cabinet of Ministers, to annually review the tariff scale increased tariff for heat and hot water for the population. At the same time, the director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure of the Lviv City Council Alexander Odinets explained that heat tariffs will increase by 30-40%. But in fact, these tariffs will exist only on paper and will not be raised until the end of the war and for another six months after the end of martial law.

Odinets explained that the tariffs in the city have not been changed for 5 years in a row, and the current changes are fully economically justified. He also complained that the employees of heat supply organizations have a salary of UAH 5,5 thousand, because the city subsidizes money for salaries.

Let's hope that after the end of the war and after 6 months after the lifting of martial law, the government will not significantly and immediately increase all tariffs, but will do everything very carefully and in stages, otherwise the population for the most part can simply stop paying.

We also wrote about due to war and nationalization, Kolomoisky is no longer a billionaire, and told on the new rules for assigning subsidies, which are effective from December 1.

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