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09 December 2022 14: 15

In Ukraine, the mayor of Chernihiv was removed: why did this happen and what does Tesla have to do with it

The mayor himself accused the Office of the President of putting pressure on the court.

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In Ukraine, the mayor of Chernihiv was removed: why did this happen and what does Tesla have to do with it

Yavorovsky District Court of Lviv Region for one year deprived the mayor of Chernigov Vladislav Atroshenko the right to hold positions related to the performance of functions of the state or local government, including the current post. It was acknowledged that the official violated the requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest, Said press office National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

What happened?

NAPC informs that in August 2022 Atroshenko told his driver to take his wife's Tesla Model X car abroad. The official acted in conditions of a conflict of interest, because the driver provides transport services to the mayor solely as part of the performance of official duties.

Already in September, the NACP drew up a protocol on a conflict of interest with the Chernihiv mayor under part 1. 2, 172 art. 7-XNUMX of the Code of Administrative Offenses - violation of the requirements for the prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest.

At the same time, as reported ГБРthe mayor's driver was also issued a business trip and allocated funds from the budget, including for gasoline. In addition, Atroshenko's wife left the territory of Ukraine on March 5 through the Shegini checkpoint. driving an official car of the mayor of Chernihiv Toyota Camry.

В ГБР further clarified that Atroshenko's wife used the car for other than its intended purpose for 3 months at a time when the Chernihiv budget was paying lease payments for the same car.

As reported, in this way, the mayor of Chernihiv, Atroshenko, violated the requirements of Article 28 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Prevention of Corruption” and “unreasonably handed over the official car to the use of a close person and instructed his subordinate to commit private personal interests.

In addition to the said deprivation of the right to hold public office, Atroshenko must now also pay a fine of 6800 hryvnia.

Mayor talks about political pressure

In September, when the protocol was handed over to the mayor, he did not agree with the content of the charges and promised to appeal against them in court. Atroshenko also called the protocol «political pressure." “At first, the head of Chernihiv was not allowed to go abroad and the city was deprived of the opportunity to receive funds for restoration from foreign governments and donors ... And now the NACP is finding out why, when the border guards did not let Atroshenko go to a conference in Lugano, his driver was able to leave with official permission,” - said the press service of the city council.

Recall that In the summer, Atroshenko tried to go abroad twice, but he was not released. Yes, June 19 he was not released to Polish Rzeszow, where he planned to take part in the signing of a partnership agreement between the cities. Then he called the attack of one of the employees of the Office of the President the reason for the refusal to leave.

The second time Atroshenko tried to travel to a conference in Swiss Lugano on July 2. But he was not released at the Krakovets checkpoint. He claimedthat he was groundlessly denied permission to travel abroad.

In response to the removal from office, Atroshenko accused representatives of the Office of the President of pressuring the court over the decision to remove him, he will appeal against it in the appellate instance.

“Dear Mr. President! Today, by the decision of one person, the freedom of almost 80% of Chernihiv residents was crossed out. Will there be at least one person in Ukraine who believes that the judge of the Yavorivsky District Court of Lviv, without pressure and instructions from above, decided to remove the mayor of Chernihiv from his post for a period of 1 year? It is very symbolic that this happened on the day of local self-government in Ukraine at the direction of your subordinates. Thus, your subordinates, Mr. President, clearly showed what they think about local self-government and what place they assign to democracy and the people of Ukraine,” the mayor said in a statement.

The official recalled that there is a war going on in the country - and "local self-government has become another front" that protects Ukrainian families at home, rebuilds cities and ensures their livelihoods. In his opinion - It is difficult for Zelensky's subordinates to realize this.

“How will the authorities look into the eyes of the people of Chernihiv who, at the cost of the lives of their relatives, stopped the attack on Kyiv? How will they explain to people that officials from the President's Office are engaged in a destructive political war while our guys are dying in a real war? How to tell that while the whole country is fighting for freedom and democracy, here in the heart of the country officials are doing everything to destroy freedom and democracy,” Atroshenko asked. He also assured the people of Chernihiv that he would stay and would file an appeal.

Also on the air of Espresso, Vladislav Atroshenko said that he was removed from office not because of the export of his wife abroad in an official car, but in order to take revenge

“It's actually a very primitive story. I believe that this is revenge for the fact that I once did not agree with the memorandum, which fixed the price of energy, heat. The formula itself put Chernihiv in a situation where it lost much more money to compensate for the difference in tariffs, because it is located in the north, - stressed the official.

Another reason for his removal, Vladislav Atroshenko called the cooperation of his party "Rodnoy Dom" and the party "BLOW", founded by the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko.

The Association of Cities, which is headed by Klitschko, condemned the suspension

Association of Cities of Ukraine, headed by Vitaliy Klitschko,  condemned the removal of Vladislav Atroshenko from the post of mayor of Chernihiv. The association recalls that the mayor was elected by 77,49% of the inhabitants, and the case is called "unprecedented in history."

«We hope that the appellate court will take into account all the circumstances of the case and consider them objectively, avoiding political pressure during the consideration”, - said in a statement.

In addition, the deputies of the Chernihiv city council also appealed to the president. "The decision of the court on Mayor Atroshenko is the destruction of self-government”, they assure.

The community of Chernihiv and the deputy corps of the Chernihiv City Council are outraged by the court decision to remove Mayor Atroshenko from office and believe that the purpose of this decision is attack on local self-government and its further destruction.

“Chernihiv residents first elected Vladyslav Atroshenko as mayor in November 2015. For 5 years, he was re-elected with one of the highest results in Ukraine for the support of citizens, receiving almost 80% of the vote. The court's decision to dismiss Atroshenko is "a spit in the face of Chernihiv residents." Chernihiv received the status of a hero city for the incredible resilience of the inhabitants and for the fact that at the initial stage of the war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the citizens held back the enemy’s advance in the direction of the capital. And this is the great merit of Mayor Atroshenko,” referred to in Outstanding Chernihiv City Council to the President.

Earlier we wrote about Kirill Timoshenko, deputy head of the Presidential Administration, does not consider it shameful to buy a brand new Porsche in wartime, and also reported that closed "Points of Invincibility" as a pretext for resuming the confrontation between the Office of the President and Klitschko.

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