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04 July 2022 20: 00
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There is a shortage of metal and windows in Ukraine, and high-speed elevators in Russia

Not only Ukrainian, but also European developers will face a shortage of rolled metal products.

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There is a shortage of metal and windows in Ukraine, and high-speed elevators in Russia

After petrol crisis и salt hype, a new deficit is coming on the Ukrainian market, this time with building materials.

Factories are located in the occupied territories, or do not work due to hostilities

Firstly Ukrainian developers are preparing for a shortage of rolled metal products, as well as mineral wool and window profiles. In addition, it is predicted increase in the share of imported materials in housing construction up to 80% Bonus terms and conditions apply. Reports about it "Interfax-Ukraine" with reference to market participants.

"We already understand that the construction industry will face a shortage of mineral wool, which was produced by almost the largest plant near Kharkov. It was bombed, unfortunately. The same problem will be with fittings", - said in the group of companies DIM.

In addition, according to the construction company SAGA Development, not only Ukrainian, but also European developers will soon face a shortage of rolled metal products, since they were previously imported from the Russian Federation and Belarus. There is also a problem with the supply of glass and window profiles.

"While the rolled products are in warehouses, however, given the destruction of metallurgical plants in the east of Ukraine, in the coming months, not only Ukrainian, but also European developers will experience a problem with rolled metal products", says SAGA Development Sales Director German Chernikov.

holding company "Kievmiskstroy" also confirms the impossibility to purchase metal, which was previously supplied by domestic factories - enterprises are either located in the occupied territories, or their work has been stopped due to the proximity of hostilities.

"Many components now need to be imported from abroad. Even for budget housing, where the share of imported materials sometimes reached only 20%, today it may be necessary to import at least 70-80% of the components," - said the president of "Kyivmiskstroy" Igor Kushnir.

Developers note that they can still use building materials purchased before the war, but it is already necessary to establish new supply chains in order to avoid a shortage of certain types of products.

"Now suppliers have some difficulties with supply chains, but Ukrainian entrepreneurs are very resourceful and quickly invent ways to solve these issues", - noted in the press service K.A.N Development.

But you will have to build a lot, as we wrote earlier, according to experts, the number of destroyed houses in Ukraine during the four months of the war exceeded the number of housing commissioned over the past five years.

In addition, on May 17, one of the missiles hit the Knauf plant in Soledar. The press service of the enterprise did not comment on the information about the damage, but judging by the photos of the fire published on social networks, they are significant.

There is a shortage of metal and windows in Ukraine, and high-speed elevators in Russia - photo 1

Photo: The aftermath of the attack on the Knauf plant in Soledar. Photos from social networks

Knauf Gips in Soledar is not a Ukrainian factory. This is a branch of a large German building materials company. But at the same time, the enterprise was considered one of the most successful projects to attract foreign investment to the Donetsk region. Both the authorities of Bakhmut and the inhabitants themselves considered him one of the city-forming. Since 2004, a line for the production of dry building mixtures has been operating here, since 2006 - a plant for the production of gypsum boards. In 2008, the enterprise was opened after reconstruction. About UAH 2 billion was invested in it. Knauf produced gypsum boards, mortars, thermal insulation systems, plaster systems and other building products. Company - the only manufacturer of gypsum in Ukraine. It controls about 70% of the drywall market, 30% is imported.

The Knauf corporation in Ukraine has another plant in Kyiv. Gypsum stone for it is mined in the Ternopil region. Nevertheless, it was the Donetsk basin that ranked first in Ukraine in terms of the number of reserves and production of gypsum. Estimated resource reserves are about two billion tons.

Interlocutor Klymenko Time, who regularly purchased Knauf building materials for plastering, said that this company was a monopolist in the market, and after the destruction of the plant, prices doubled: from UAH 120 to UAH 300 per bag of a certain material.

“While we use old stocks for repairs, construction stores also import some part from Moldova. The analogues that exist are not of such high quality. It should be understood that the prices for materials will continue to grow, so the Ukrainians should think about how to make repairs as soon as possible,” - says the interlocutor of KT.

Russian developers cannot find elevators for their new buildings

Russia was overtaken by a shortage of high-speed elevators, as the leading manufacturers - the American Otis and the Finnish Kone, left the country. About it сообщает Forbes edition.

Due to the departure of these companies, Russian developers cannot find elevators for their new buildings. At the same time, Russian manufacturers are not yet able to repeat such designs and looking for suppliers in China and Turkey.

Replacing such volumes is not easy, because 75% new elevatorsthat were used in Russia were Otis products. The main deficit, according to developers, falls on complex elevators, which need to be separately designed for specific buildings or to make a custom finish.

According to the general director of the Shcherbinsky Elevator Plant Anton Artemyev, demand for elevators has grown significantly and manufacturers need large investments to produce even a small number of high-speed elevators.

By the end of the year in Ukraine, something will rise in price, and something will fall in price

Prices food, fuel, goods and services change unevenly by the end of the year. Average rise in price - 20-25%, some services will double in cost, and something will generally fall in price. Such an opinion adhere to experts.

In particular, the director of the Institute for Social and Economic Transformation Ilya Neskhodovsky believes that there will definitely be further rise in price of vegetables, because the southern regions of the country are temporarily occupied.

"The price of buckwheat will rise, even despite the current price (ed. - about 80 UAH/kg). Rice and some other cereals will rise in price, because they are now delivered not through Ukrainian ports", he notes.

In this case, export-oriented goods will not rise in value until their export is unlocked.

"Prices for them will stand still or even decline. We are already seeing this with eggs (ed. - the price has fallen by 43,6% since the beginning of the year"). The same situation can arise with oil (ed. – since the beginning of the year and until May it has risen in price by 11%)", - notes the specialist.

According to the expert, perhaps fuel price rise, in particular, because of the global conjuncture. If a replacement for Russian oil is not found on the European market, quotations will increase, which means petrol and diesel prices. In Ukraine, the internal factor of rising fuel prices due to the war has also been added. Against this background, transport services will also rise in price.

Also, according to the expert, many other services will rise in price, most likely they will show growth from 30%, and for some of them - up to 80%.

Recall that the Ukrainians were promised shortage of household appliances, clothes and shoes, and in addition to the shortage, the country is already experiencing problems with the range of goods.

We wrote earlier about the shortage of salt in Ukraine, the demand for which has increased 30 times, and about the shortage of watermelons and cherries, and also told about the partially overcome fuel shortage in the Ukrainian market.

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