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26 December 2020 14: 24
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Servant of the People proposes to fine politicians who do not speak Ukrainian

Another initiative of individual ardent defenders of the “mova”

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Servant of the People proposes to fine politicians who do not speak Ukrainian

MP from the Servant of the People faction Elena Shulyak announced another punitive initiative to “protect” the Ukrainian language: it proposes to fine politicians who do not use it in the public sphere.

She spoke about this on the air of the TV channel "Ukraine 24".

People's Deputy believes that politicians and statesmen in the public sphere should use only the Ukrainian language.

“I would very much like our politicians: people’s deputies, ministers, and other civil servants to still use the Ukrainian language when they perform their official duties”- said the people's deputy.

Well, those who do not speak Ukrainian, she proposes to fine.

“I would also suggest introducing fines for politicians as well. Perhaps not for business, but for politicians who are required to speak Ukrainian in the performance of their duties. But we see that they do not always use the Ukrainian language, which, in my opinion, also needs to be protected.”Shulyak added.

Recall that from January 16, 2021 in cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and shops, banks and gas stations, libraries and pharmacies - wherever there is staff, must serve citizens exclusively in Ukrainian. In the event that a guest or client personally requests, service can be provided in another language.

Interestingly, Shulyak's faction colleague Maxim Buzhansky introduced bill to abolish fines for non-compliance with the language law.


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