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16 September 2022 17: 45
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In Switzerland, they want to place Ukrainian refugees in underground bunkers, and in Germany, gyms are being prepared for Ukrainians

Countries may have difficulty resettling refugees.

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In Switzerland, they want to place Ukrainian refugees in underground bunkers, and in Germany, gyms are being prepared for Ukrainians

As the war in Ukraine continues and refugees continue to arrive in Switzerland, the canton of Zug is preparing for an emergency. In the event of a new mass influx for refugees, underground bunkers are being prepared there, the Swiss edition writes. Zentral Plus.

About 820 Ukrainian refugees are housed in the canton of Zug. Depending on the course of the war, another 400 to 1000 people could arrive by the end of the year, according to the media - this is not an easy task for the canton. Currently, Ukrainian refugees live in cantonal shelters, host families or vacant apartments.

However, depending on the development of the situation, places to stay may run out. According to the authorities of the canton of Zug, in the "extreme" case - that is, in the event of the arrival of another 1000 refugees - it will be necessary to resort to emergency measures. Specifically, this means that the canton of Zug uses underground protection systems.

The cantonal government commissioned the Office of Civil Defense and Military Affairs to equip the Werkhof shelter in Cham, at a cost of approximately 50 Swiss francs. It must be ready for immediate occupancy if forecasts show that the canton of Zug will not be able to provide housing within four weeks. There are places for about 000 Ukrainian refugees.

If the bunker in Cham is not enough, the government council has the Schlücht facility in Cham (50 places) and the Sternmatt II facility (320 places) in reserve. The Government Council affirms in its statement: “The use of underground housing should be a last resort and only temporary until sufficient above-ground housing can be provided elsewhere.”

In Germany, the problem is the same - there are no places

In Germany, they are concerned that the need for housing for refugees, in particular from Ukraine, can grow sharply with the advent of cold weather. The Association of German Cities has asked the federal government to convene a summit on refugees with the participation of states and municipalities as soon as possible. Daily News.

“It is necessary to discuss the fair distribution of refugees”, said the president of the Association of Cities Markus Lewe. Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to urgently discuss the need to increase the capacity of the federal lands to receive refugees, as well as reimbursement.

The Association of Cities is alarmed by the fact that more and more federal lands are closed to receive Ukrainian refugees. In addition, the Association of Cities also expects that the number of refugees from Ukraine will increase with the onset of cold weather. It is assumed that part of the Ukrainians already in Germany will no longer be able to stay in private households and must be placed somewhere at the expense of the state.

The number of asylum seekers and refugees from other countries is also increasing. Leve suggests that In the coming winter, a number of cities will have to re-accommodate refugees in gyms and other facilities.

Recall that the Poles are tired of refugees from Ukraine: Poland recorded the highest percentage of opponents to the admission of refugees during the entire war.

We previously wrote that As winter approaches, more and more Ukrainian refugees abroad are afraid of being left homeless. We also said that in France, a Ukrainian ex-military man beat up two Ukrainian refugees, mistaking them for Russians.

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