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13 March 2021 12: 35
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Textbooks in Russian were thrown out at a school near Odessa: the management talks about collecting waste paper - true or fake?

"Make fools pray to God" - this is how you can call the incident that occurred at the school of the village. Ivanovka, Odessa region. Books were thrown right out of the windows of the school. The incident came to the attention of the media and overgrown with details.

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Textbooks in Russian were thrown out at a school near Odessa: the management talks about collecting waste paper - true or fake?

This story began on the evening of March 12. Eyewitnesses filmed how books and textbooks were thrown right out of the windows of a school in the village of Ivanovka, Berezovsky district, Odessa region. Then there was information that we are talking about works in Russian. Naturally, after that, the news received the effect of an exploding bomb.

This was reported in the local public “X *** I Odessa”.

The video shows books being thrown out of a school window. Such treatment of books was filmed by schoolchildren, and then posted on the Internet, where it caused condemnation of eyewitnesses. Separate anger deserved the fact that books and textbooks were thrown out of the library in Russian.

Bloggers and journalists were immediately indignant - many commentators of the incident recalled the notorious Third Reich, where on May 10, 1933 they burned books "objectionable to the regime" of authors, and the fires of the Inquisition, and also walked through deforestation in Transcarpathia - they say, why throw away books if new ones are not what to print from.

They quickly learned about the scandal in the school itself, whose director, Irina Dymova, decided to justify herself and said that throwing away Russian-language books was nothing more than a fake.

“Firstly, the word was thrown out, it does not quite correspond to the truth. Unfortunately, they threw it out of the window, but the books were handed over for waste paper - we have an act of writing off literature. These are old textbooks that have not been used in the program for a long time. There were several textbooks, Russian and Ukrainian languages, books on computer science and so on. The kids who filmed didn't film the bus, which was parked to the side. That is, people collected it and folded it, sending everything to waste paper,” Dymova said.

However, the director's appeal could not increase the degree of respect in the eyes of commentators. They were indignant at such an expense of books, because they could be sold and with this money they could ennoble the territory or purchase educational materials, they could distribute them to teachers and tutors, even simply - to everyone. Many did not believe in the “write-off act”, deciding that in this way the teachers of the school decided to “cover themselves”.

Surprising situation also lies in the fact that the school in Ivanovka bears the name of the journalist and writer Boris Fedorovich Derevianko, who was the editor of the popular newspaper Vechernyaya Odessa. In 1997, a journalist was shot dead near the Chernomorie publishing house. The death of the journalist is associated with his investigations, which he conducted against Eduard Hurvits, the ex-mayor of Odessa. Under him, as many journalists noted, there was rampant crime in Odessa and, by a purely random (or natural) coincidence, nationalism.

The death of Derevyanko is associated precisely with the struggle against Hurwitz and his associates, and eyewitnesses remembered that half the city came out to see off the journalist on his last journey. I wonder if he was alive, how would he react to the actions of the school leadership? It is unlikely that he would have liked such treatment of knowledge.

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