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20 March 2021 15: 00

In the Rivne region, a 17-year-old guy killed a postman with an ax because of several thousand hryvnias

In the Rivne region, a brutal murder of a female postman took place - she was hacked to death with an ax because of several thousand hryvnias.

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In the Rivne region, a 17-year-old guy killed a postman with an ax because of several thousand hryvnias

The tragedy occurred in the city of Sarny, Rivne region. There, a woman postman, who came to the next address as part of her work, was hacked to death with an ax by an underage guy. All because of the money that allegedly could be in the bag of a postal worker.

About the monstrous incident reports the police of the Rivne region.

The situation happened in the afternoon, on Friday, March 19, in one of the districts of the city of Sarny. A 43-year-old postal worker came to the address in a private house. A 17-year-old local resident realized that there could be money in the bag she had with her. It was because of them that he decided to kill.

“The police found that a 17-year-old resident of Sarn was in the yard when the postman arrived. She had a bag with her. The guy, realizing that a woman might have funds, grabbed an ax and struck several blows on the head. After that, he quickly hid the crime weapon under the bed, took away her bag and ran away on his bike," the report says.

The juvenile delinquent tried to avoid punishment by escaping on a bicycle, but did not get far. The body of the postman was discovered by the younger sister of the guy, she immediately called her relatives, and then the police. Also, an ambulance arrived at the scene, but the doctors only stated the death of a 43-year-old postal worker.

Law enforcement officers found that a 17-year-old boy threw a stolen bag onto the territory of a local enterprise, and hid UAH 18 in outerwear. The attacker was detained on one of the streets of the city. He had stolen money on him.

The guy was placed in the city jail. In addition, it turned out that he has a mental disorder, he is registered with a psychiatrist, so a forensic medical examination will be applied to him.

However, it also turned out that he was repeatedly prosecuted for theft.

In the Rivne region, a 17-year-old guy killed a postman with an ax because of several thousand hryvnias - photo 1

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Recall that for two weeks now all of Ukraine has been buzzing about the murder of a seven-year-old Masha Borisova near Kherson. The girl disappeared on the eve of March 8 - she went for a walk with friends and did not return. After four days of searching, a fellow villager found a dead child in his barn, the girl's body was in a plastic bag, and she was raped before her death.

The police found out that the girl died of suffocation. The investigation found out that the killer was "Uncle Kolya" - a neighbor of the family, who repeatedly drank with Masha's father and was admitted to their house. It also turned out that the man had already been held liable for causing grievous bodily harm.

It also turned out that the man hid the girl in a barn, and when law enforcement officers wanted to search the premises, he said that he had lost the keys. It is noteworthy that the barn was never searched, on the face - ordinary negligence and inattention of the investigation. It also turned out that he had already attacked the girl, but then the police did not take any action.

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