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24 November 2022 10: 30
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The Russian Federation announced the continuation of missile strikes on the energy facilities of Ukraine, the UN condemned the Russian Federation for violating international law

In this way, Russia is trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate on its own terms.

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The Russian Federation announced the continuation of missile strikes on the energy facilities of Ukraine, the UN condemned the Russian Federation for violating international law

On November 23, another massive shelling of the energy system of Ukraine took place, the consequences of which for the country turned out to be the most severe in the entire war. We talked about them in more detail. in the link material.

At the same time, representatives of the Russian Federation made statements indicating that this would be repeated in the future.

Russia is satisfied with the development of the war

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov last night said: “The future and success of the “special operation” is beyond doubt”.

Recall that in his last comment on the goals of the war in Ukraine, Putin on October 27 said that this was assistance to the Donbass, but did not mention “denazification”, “demilitarization” and other things that were originally voiced in his statements in February.

Rockets will continue

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Security Council Vasily Nebenzya actually made it clearthat Russia will continue similar shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

“Many lamented that the inhabitants of Ukraine risk being left without electricity and water. We don’t remember anyone in the West expressing any concern when at the same time in 2015, due to the actions of Ukraine, the inhabitants of Crimea were left without water and electricity, not to mention the Donbass, which was cut off for 8 years of economic oxygen”, - he tried to justify the current actions of the Russian Federation.

And energy infrastructure facilities, in his opinion, «are used for the military supply of Ukrainian units with weapons, primarily Western ones, to ensure logistics and communications».

According to Nebenzi, the goal of undermining the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "will be implemented by military means"while the Ukrainian side “will not take a realistic position that would allow in the framework of negotiations to discuss and try to resolve those issues that forced us to launch a "special military operation".

Nebenzya recalled that the Russian Federation had missiles “ended back in March, then in July, and then in September”. According to him, damage to residential buildings and casualties among the civilian population "take place through the fault of Ukrainian air defense, located not on the outskirts of cities, but in their very center". Therefore, according to Nebenzi, there are arrivals where the Russian Federation did not aim. According to him, fragments of American air defense missiles were recorded in Kyiv and Vyshgorod. In this regard, he also accused the West of the fact that military assistance to Ukraine leads to the death of the civilian population of Ukraine.

Thus, two trends can now be traced in the actions of the Russian Federation:

  • supposedly revenge for the Donbass, which is aimed at an internal Russian audience, which may wonder why the Russian Federation has also turned a blind eye to what is happening there all this time;
  • the intention, by bringing the country to a humanitarian catastrophe, to push through the Ukrainian government and seat it at the negotiating table on its own terms.

The UN called for an end to the strikes

At the meeting of the UN Security Council, convened at the request of Ukraine, representatives of many countries called for stop strikes on the civilian population of Ukraine.

  • Representative UK James Karyuki stated that the Russian Federation is trying to achieve with terror and murder what it could not do on the battlefield - the complete subjugation or destruction of Ukraine. According to him, the Russian Federation is obliged to adhere to its obligations under international humanitarian law.
  • Representative Brazil Ronaldo Costa Philo condemned attacks on civilian targets and noted that attacks on energy and transport infrastructure were unjustified and violated international law.
  • French representative Nicola de Riviere also condemned attacks on civilian targets and stressed that every time Ukraine achieves success on the battlefield, the Russians hit the country's critical infrastructure.
  • The representative Norway Mona Juul stated that these attacks do not serve military purposes, but are aimed at terrorizing Ukrainians, which is a sign of war crimes.
  • В India deplored the use of the killing of civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastructure as weapons of war.
  • A representative China Geng Shuang called on the parties to dialogue, stating that there is no winner in war, and dialogue and negotiations are the only way forward.

Ukraine will not negotiate

NSDC Secretary Alexey Danilov following the shelling wrotethat neither missile strikes nor shelling of maternity hospitals will bring closer the desire of the Russian Federation to start negotiations, and all “negotiations” will be conducted only through the sight of the Defense Forces.

The Russian Federation announced the continuation of missile strikes on the energy facilities of Ukraine, the UN condemned the Russian Federation for violating international law - photo 1

We have also published consequences of massive shelling of Ukraine on November 23 and told what will be the minimum wage and living wage of Ukrainians next year.

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