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April 13 2022 19: 15
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In Poland, there were problems with the employment of Ukrainian refugees

According to media reports, Ukrainians can become residents of the United Arab Emirates for 1 year.

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In Poland, there were problems with the employment of Ukrainian refugees

In the major metropolitan areas of Poland, large queues of Ukrainians have arisen to obtain a local identification number (PESEL), as well as a limited number of vacancies and difficulties in placing Ukrainian children in schools and kindergartens. This is reported by "Economic truth” referring to a report created by the Local Government Movement “Yes! For Poland”, which includes more than 300 mayors of Polish cities and towns.

As analysts say, the standard of living outside of large cities is also decent, but there are more resources to help refugees. However, Ukrainian refugees do not know this and want to go to Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk, where they think it will be easier to find work and where a large Ukrainian society already exists. But this brings Ukrainians significant difficulties.

“Ukrainians are afraid that there will be no infrastructure in small towns and villages in Poland: buses, kindergartens and even good roads, because these are the realities of many small towns in Ukraine. Here, the situation is different: large manufacturing enterprises, warehouses, economic zones are located outside of large cities. Their standard of living is also decent, and there are more resources to help refugees,” - claims Tomasz Bogdevich, CEO of Gremi Personal.

The availability of vacancies, according to the expert, is a key factor, since work gives a sense of financial security to refugees who do not want to depend only on the goodwill of the Poles. In addition, a large number of women have appeared on the Polish labor market today, most of whom do not speak Polish at the communicative level. We already published a list of free resources for learning Polish.

Previously, Poland had to deal with economic migration - assumed and controlled by market mechanisms of supply and demand, the current wave is sudden and chaotic. As a result, employers may face high staff turnover, experts say.

In industries most open to hiring foreigners, such as food production, logistics, hospitality and restaurants, the demand for foreign workers is often variable and seasonal. Therefore, experts advise seeking help from employment agencies with experience in the market.

«Gremi Personal employed more than 18 foreigners annually before the war, and now there are about 85 candidates in our database. In addition, the agency assumes all possible risks associated with the rotation and legalization of employees, accommodation, settlements, payment of taxes and contributions, legal and medical services., — sums up Tomasz Bogdevich.

Salaries in Poland

Since January, the minimum hourly rate in Poland has risen to PLN 14,97 "net". For a month, with a minimum wage, you can earn 2500 zlotys (17 thousand UAH). On average, a month is PLN 2800-3800 (UAH 19-26) for low-skilled workers, experts say. Skilled workers can count on a salary of PLN 4 (UAH 27,5) and more.

Salaries for specialties that are most required:

  • production worker - PLN 4 - 000;
  • construction worker - PLN 3 - 000;
  • electrician - PLN 3 - 000;
  • seller - PLN 4 - 500;
  • loader - PLN 3 - 500;
  • cashier - PLN 4 - 000.
  • consultant - PLN 4 - PLN 500;
  • customer service specialist - PLN 4 - 800;
  • call center specialist - PLN 4 - PLN 300.

The following specialists are needed for production:

  • a worker on a production line - PLN 4 - PLN 000;
  • packer - PLN 3 - PLN 300;
  • equipment/line maintenance specialist – PLN 4 – PLN 500.

The most common vacancies among IT:

  • software engineer - from PLN 10 (depending on direction and experience);
  • information security specialist - from PLN 7 (depending on the direction and experience);
  • administrator - from PLN 6.

Recall that apartments for rent are quickly disappearing in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk, as Ukrainians primarily go to major cities in Poland. Therefore, Ukrainians are recommended to stay in small towns and villages. So they can find housing at an affordable price. By the way, as experts assure, there will be no problems with work.

“Citizens of Ukraine who come to Poland should also settle in lesser known and smaller towns. Thus, they increase their chances of finding a job. Large Polish manufacturing enterprises are located just within the boundaries of small towns. And it is they who now have more vacancies for Ukrainian women who can start working without experience and knowledge of the Polish language and are ready to adjust production processes, taking into account the fact that women came to Poland with children,” — explained the CEO of employment agency Gremi Personal Thomas Bogdevich.

We also remind you that Ukrainian refugees will be able to confirm their qualifications in Europe under a simplified procedure. This will enable them to find qualified jobs. This is evidenced data on the website of the European Commission.

In order to ensure rapid confirmation of qualifications, the European Commission:

  • created a resource center for Ukrainian qualifications, where information can be exchanged;
  • to help overcome the language barrier, developed an electronic translation tool that will help meet the demand for fast and reliable translation from Ukrainian;
  • provided the possibility of reissuing digital diplomas.

It provides for the admission to the performance of duties of representatives of "sensitive" professions, which include, for example, occupation of a nurse or medical practitioner, teachers, etc. These people can gain recognition of diplomas, which will allow them to use their skills, in particular, to serve the refugees themselves, who also need medical care, child care or educational services, which will be provided in their own language. These people will be able to use the professional skills acquired in the EU countries to develop relevant services already in Ukraine, after the war and after returning home safely.

Ukrainians can become residents of the United Arab Emirates for 1 year

About it reported Ukrainian diaspora in the UAE. More information about this mechanism can be obtained from TAS-HEEL service centers. Also, according to the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE, citizens of Ukraine who are in the territory of the Emirates as tourists for more than 30+10 days are exempted from paying fines for exceeding this period of stay. You can check for fines on the ICA Smart Services website or at the UAEICP.

We emphasize that there is no detailed information about this initiative on the official website of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UAE, and Ukrainians write in the comments that not all TAS-HEELs have information about the innovation. We advise you to monitor the profile of the Ukrainian diaspora in the UAE and official profile Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE, if you want to become a resident of the United Arab Emirates for 1 year.

In some European countries, a Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be an advantage for an employee.

We previously reported that How do IDPs find work abroad?

We also talked about what you need to know about moving to Poland during the war.

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