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17 November 2022 16: 45
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The relics of the holy miracle worker, the patron saint of Cherkasy region, will be returned to Pereyaslav

A truly important and unique event.

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The relics of the holy miracle worker, the patron saint of Cherkasy region, will be returned to Pereyaslav

A historic event will take place in Pereyaslav on November 20: the relics of the heavenly patron of the region will be returned from Cherkasy - Martyr Macarius of Kanevsky and Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl. About it пишет Information Center of the UOC.

It is reported that the shrine with the relics of the Monk Martyr Macarius will arrive from the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael in Cherkassy, ​​and will be installed in St. Michael's Pereyaslavsky Monastery - where the holy relics were kept in the XNUMXth century. The transfer of the relics will be headed by the head of the affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich).

Archimandrite Anthony (Ponomarenko), hegumen of the Holy Archangel-Michael Monastery said that everyone who had been in the temple saw a special side niche with icons, always decorated with flowers. It was created in the XNUMXth century for the relics of the holy Martyr Macarius, who, at the cost of his own life, defended Orthodoxy from the raids of the Tatars and encroachments of the Uniates.

“And although his life was not directly connected with Pereyaslav, after his death, by the Providence of God, due to the frequent attacks of the Tatars, the aggression of the Uniates and Catholics, who demanded to betray the Orthodox faith, the holy relics from Kanev were transferred to Pereyaslav, on the other side of the Dnieper. Exactly numerous documented miracles of healing took place here through prayers to the saint, which made it possible to call the Monk Martyr Macarius and the Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl. His relics were kept in Pereyaslav from 1713 to 1942, and now we are waiting for their return. We invite you to share with us the joy of the patronal feast and, in Christian love and unity, pray to the holy Martyr Macarius, the great confessor, martyr and righteous man, an example of incredible fortitude and fidelity to the Church and God. A truly historic event will take place on the eve of the feast of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, the patronal feast of the monastery.” - he said.

The abbot of the monastery also spoke about spiritual exploits of the Monk Martyr Macarius. “The great saint who lived on our land and suffered in times comparable in cruelty to the first persecutions of Christians, had the grace of miracles, foresaw his martyr's death in two years. Now, in the hours of new trials, he returns to Pereyaslav, in order, like four or three centuries ago, to strengthen the flock in the faith and set an example of stamina and fidelity to God and the Church. Indeed, even in the most terrible trials, the saint called for firmly holding on to the holy Orthodox faith and said: “It is impossible to receive an incorruptible crown except by lawfully accomplishing your feat.” Father Anthony emphasized.

In addition, the abbot told under what circumstances did the holy venerable martyr Macarius acquire the crown of martyrdom. "When the Turks broke into the Kanev monastery, the sufferer, with his eyes turned to heaven, prayed: “Lord! Give me faith, that I may be faithful before You!” And to the invaders, demanding to give out the property of the monastery, he answered: "My treasures are in heaven - I did not collect or hide anything." He ordered the flock to convey: “Let them keep the Holy Faith and remember the words of the Apostle: if we endure, we will reign with Him, if we reject, and He will reject us.” Then the barbarians placed the monk between two pillars and began to twist his legs with iron weapons. He prayed and endured. They beat him on the chest and face and wanted to flay the skin, but ended up cutting off his head. The body of the saint was secretly transferred to the temple. The Turks set fire to the temple and everyone who was in it died from the smoke. The Orthodox found in the temple the body of the venerable martyr in a sackcloth, with a cross on his chest and with a cross in his hand - it was as if alive. They buried him with love in the same temple, under the altar. In 1688, during the restoration of the temple, the monks opened the coffin and found the body of the saint completely intact. And healings followed from the relics of the saint.- said Father Anthony.

Earlier we wrote that a scandal erupted around the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, about it was written in the material at the link.

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