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03 November 2022 14: 00
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The UN reminded that Ukraine is not the only country in the world where there is a war

The United Nations believes that Europe provides decent conditions for Ukrainians, and in the meantime, EU countries continue to cut aid to refugees.

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The UN reminded that Ukraine is not the only country in the world where there is a war

The United Nations believes that Europe is doing well with an influx refugees from Ukraine and ready for a new wave of Ukrainians because of systematic shelling of the country's critical infrastructure. About it said United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandispeaking at the UN Security Council.

Humanitarian aid to Ukrainians looks like a drop in the ocean

According to him, about 14 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes since February, which has become "the fastest and largest movement in decades." But given the likely protracted nature of the military situation, the UN is ready for new refugees and migrantsboth inside and outside Ukraine.

"In the European Union, we have witnessed an open, well-managed and, above all, collaborative response to the refugee problem, which has proved wrong many of the claims, often repeated by some politicians, that Europe is overcrowded, that resettlement is not possible, that there is no public support for refugees" , - Grandi noted.

But at the same time, the UN High Commissioner believes that Humanitarian aid, which is currently looks like "a drop in the sea of ​​needs"because, in his opinion, Ukrainians will meet "one of the harshest winters in extremely difficult conditions."

“Humanitarian organizations have stepped up their response dramatically, but much more needs to be done, starting with ending this senseless war. Unfortunately, we are seeing the opposite, and the destruction caused by strikes on civilian infrastructure that is happening at a time when we say it is doing humanitarian the answer is a drop in the ocean of needs", Grandi said.

However, the UN High Commissioner noted that Don't forget about other countriesfaced with mass displacement of persons, among them he named Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Myanmar и Congo. According to Grandi, they are unfairly deprived of attention against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine.

“It is not only in Ukraine that the conflict has forced people to flee their homes. In the past 12 months alone, UNHCR has responded to 37 emergencies around the world. However, other crises do not attract the same international attention, outrage, resources and action ... they are not only disappearing from the media's radar, but are being undone by global inaction, and moving is becoming more and more difficult."Grandi emphasized.

On free bread due to lack of housing

Meanwhile, European countries continue cut aid to refugees from Ukraine... So, in Ireland Ukrainians will be provided only with housing, and food and daily expenses they will have to pay from their social payments. This decision was approved by the government of the country last week, пишет Irish Examiner.

It is noted that since February, arrived in Ireland 56 thousand refugees from Ukraine, thousands of children study in schools, and more than 10 thousand Ukrainians are already working. But all the same, this turned out to be a significant burden on the country's budget, and by the autumn there was a crisis of affordable housing.

Now the government is looking for ways to speed up the resettlement of Ukrainians from hotels to more permanent housing. And this becomes a problem because many refugees have already settled down in this city, find a job, arrange for children to study, and in a new place you will have to start all over again. Therefore, it is expected that in the future free hotel accommodation will not include food, so that people do not give up alternative housing for it.

At the same time, the government intends to 1 December increase from 400 to 800 euros payments to Irish families who are ready to accept Ukrainians.

А Embassy of Ukraine in Ireland reports that Ireland does not guarantee housing for refugees. Currently, there are already in state-provided housing 43 thousand Ukrainians.

"Ireland continues to provide temporary protection to citizens of Ukraine. At the same time, the Irish side does not guarantee the provision of free housing upon arrival in the country today. When planning a move to Ireland, please take into account all the risks of being left without temporary housing in the near future," - says on the agency page.

A year to learn a language

And in Of Estonia working Ukrainians were given year of language learning. Thus, the language department proposed to amend the law, according to which knowledge of the Estonian language will be required from taxi drivers and food delivery couriers, said the head of the Language Department Ilmar Tomusk, пишет ERR. According to him, the problem is both English and Russian.

"English is a concern in advertising, and the Russian language is trying to start dominating in the service sector. Ukrainian refugees came to us. They got jobs in the service sector, which means that there is more service in Russian, and they complain about it. A year - time to get comfortable, and then we will return to this topic.If they (refugees. - Ed.) will not speak Estonian, we will start giving them prescriptions", Tomusk warned.

He recalled that at the end 2015 years было Estonian language proficiency requirement abolished for taxi drivers working on the basis of a taxi driver card.

"We have proposed reinstating this requirement. They should take the B1 exam. As for couriers, we have proposed an amendment to the law to make platform workers equal to other Estonian workers," - said the official.

Earlier, we discussed in detail what categories of Ukrainian refugees in Europe are subject to double taxation, the question with which so far Ukraine cannot decide immediately for all EU countries.

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