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26 December 2022 16: 19
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In the nomination “blooper of the year”, “grandfather” wins, but not frost: Biden clauses have been collected in the USA

Usually at the end of the year they talk about the achievements of the head of state, and the American media publish the mistakes of their president, fortunately, there is plenty to choose from.

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In the nomination “blooper of the year”, “grandfather” wins, but not frost: Biden clauses have been collected in the USA

American magazine Newsweek опубликовал compilation from the eight biggest blunders the President of the United States Joe Biden in 2022. Although, according to our observations, there were much more of them, but more on that later.

But American journalists decided to focus only on the most striking reservations of the US President. So, the publication recalled that on March 1, during a speech about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the American leader confused Ukrainians and Iranians. Then the video quickly went viral. Let us add on our own behalf that during the year Biden called Ukraine several times, either Iran or Iraq, and the last time it was literally last week, just during a visit to the United States by the President Vladimir Zelensky.

But back to the rankings from Newsweek, speaking on women's rights in early July, the US president, along with his text cheerfully I also read the technical instructions from the teleprompter.

"Remarkably, the percentage of women who register to vote and vote is always higher than the percentage of men who do - end quote, repeat sentence" Biden said.

During the visit Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia in mid-July, instead of a handshake in greeting, the American leader and crown prince Muhammad bin Salman made fist-to-fist strikes.

In September, the President of the United States, during a press conference on nutrition and health, called Congresswoman Jackie Valorskywho died in a car accident in August. Later, however, Biden apologized for this.

The publication recalled how, at the end of October, after finishing a speech in Pittsburgh in support of the Democratic senatorial candidate Biden became confused as he tried to leave the stage.

In the same month, the head of state misspoke and named the vice president of the United States Kamalu Harris "great president"  и mixed up the number of states as part of the country, saying that there are 54 of them, not 50.

The collection ends with the President's November reservation during the ASEAN summit, when the American President thanked for organizing the event. Prime Minister of Colombia, not Cambodiawhere the meeting took place.

Thus, the rating from Newsweek did not include Biden's blunders from his really enchanting speech at a meeting with voters in Florida in early November. Then the head of the White House has broken all conceivable records for reservations, making his performance more like a stand-up. And we think it's worth mentioning them.

Omitting the moment that Biden once again Ukraine with Iraq, the US President addressed the Americans "Gays and gentlemen!", Then the head of the White House called Hurricane Ian, which struck Florida in the fall, "Ivan", said that he spoke with the inventor of insulin Frederick Banting, who died in 1941, a year before Joe's birth, casually cut the US national debt in half and finally got lost in time by announcing that he had taken office that summer.

And at the same time, with all that, the head of the White House is seriously consulting and preparing for potential participation in the 2024 US presidential election.

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