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April 14 2021 10: 46

A well-known criminal authority was killed in Moscow - a video from the scene appeared on the network

The main motive is revenge from competing organized crime groups.

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A well-known criminal authority was killed in Moscow - a video from the scene appeared on the network

The well-known bandit, who was considered a thief in law, Ali Heydarov (Alik Ryzhiy, Albert Pitersky) was shot dead in Moscow in front of witnesses the day before, on Monday, April 12. His alleged killer has already been arrested and is testifying сообщают Russian media.

The crime happened at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in an elite Moscow sports club. Note that the killer acted with maximum openness and audacity, as if for show. The murder of the authority took place in broad daylight, in a crowded place with a bunch of witnesses and right under the cameras. Video of the incident went viral (Caution, there are shots of violence!)

The footage clearly shows how people are training in the gym, including an athletic man on a treadmill. This is the late authority Alik Ryzhiy. At this time, another man in a tracksuit approaches him from behind and fires several shots. Geydarov falls to the floor, the killer, apparently, fires a control shot and, without much haste and without even hiding his face, leaves the scene of the crime, grabbing a sports backpack.

Naturally, such a demonstrative crime could not go unnoticed by law enforcement officers. Today appeared informationthat the killer has been arrested. He, like the deceased, is a native of Azerbaijan. At the moment, searches are underway in his apartment, the police do not exclude that he entered the hall using forged documents. If found guilty, the man could face up to 19 years in prison.

Why Alik Ryzhy was killed: Heydarov's personality

Ali Heydarov was a representative of a new galaxy of Russian criminal authorities (the man was 40 years old - he did not make his criminal career in the dashing nineties, but already in the quite stable “zero” and “tenths”). He began his path as a bandit in the city of Arkhangelsk (protecting the markets), later moved to St. Petersburg, then to Moscow. He managed to serve several times for robbery and robbery.

2012 was a turning point in the life of Alik Ryzhy: he was "crowned" by senior thieves and he himself became thief in law. His patron was considered to be the most famous Georgian authority in the CIS Aslan Usoyan, nicknamed Ded Khasan. However, the bright period did not last long: soon Grandfather Hassan was shot dead, and Albert Pitersky himself ended up in prison for 7 years.

It is characteristic that "in the zone" Heydarov behaved more than approximately: they say that he collaborated with the administration and was distinguished by good behavior. For this, he was released on parole with the wording "took the path of correction." Only in February of this year, the deceased widely celebrated his fortieth birthday.

The motives for the murder in the police and the Investigative Committee consider revenge on the part of criminals. It is possible that other influential criminals did not like Heydarov's behavior in prison. Also, the monetary interests of competitors in engaging in illegal business are not excluded. Note that in his 40 years, Alik Ryzhiy survived several assassination attempts, but they were unsuccessful.

We previously wrote that in Ukraine for the first time suspected a thief in law. 28-year-old Giorgi Kiladze, known in the underworld as Gega Ozurgetsky, turned up in the colony for attempted murder. He was convicted in March last year.

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