Ekaterina Minaeva
09 September 2021 13: 25

In the "LPR" the leaders of the mine were detained, in which the cage with the miners collapsed

They are suspected of violating industrial safety requirements.

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In the "LPR" the leaders of the mine were detained, in which the cage with the miners collapsed

«Law enforcement officers of the republic» detained officials of the mine «Red Partisan», where an accident occurred on the evening of September 6 with a large number of victims and injured. About it сообщает «Prosecutor General's Office of the LPR». 

Recall that the company mine cage rope brokewhere the workers were. 9 miners were killed. Another 19 people were injured, all of them are in the hospital. One miner who received the most severe leg injuriesare transported to Russia for treatment. During an online consultation, Lugansk doctors agreed on this with their Russian colleagues. 

«The condition of the patients for whom the consultation was carried out is stable and severe. The nature of the injuries is severe: large tissue defects, large crush injuries, but in general (Russian) colleagues and we are optimistic about this, we think that everything will be fine, everyone will recover», - said the head of the department of the hospital where the miners were taken, Andrey Mayatsky.

Yesterday, September 8, at "LPR" declared a Day of Mourning. The families of the dead and injured were promised financial compensation.   

In "General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic» told that initiated a criminal case on the fact of violation of industrial safety requirements, which resulted in the death of two or more persons. 

«Currently, as part of the preliminary investigation, a number of mine officials have been detained on suspicion of committing the above crime. «Red Partisan»», - added official  «Prosecutor General's Office» Inna Semenova.

How many people were detained, and what positions they held at the enterprise, Semenova did not specify.

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