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01 May 2022 18: 46
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In the Kyiv region, they gave light to 3 families. Another 19,8 thousand are in line

Connecting towns and villages to electricity supply is very difficult

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In the Kyiv region, they gave light to 3 families. Another 19,8 thousand are in line

Kyiv continues to restore infrastructure. Some households deprived of electricity, water and gas have already gained access to communal benefits. Head of the Kyiv OVA Alexander Pavlyuk shares the latest information on the topic.

As of May 1, centralized water supply has been restored in 119 settlements of the Kyiv region. The villages of the Ivankovo ​​community were a little less fortunate: Springs, Cooks, Varovsk and Olizarovka are still without water supply. This happened due to a lack of electricity. Currently, active work is underway to restore it.

On April 30, light was given to 3072 families in the Kyiv region. Power supply was fully restored in the village of Osovets, Vyshgorodsky district. Separate regions of Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, Makarov, Borodyanka and Byshev were also connected. A glass factory has been set up in Gostomel, thanks to which it will be possible to give light throughout the city in the near future.

In addition, experts are working to restore the Internet.

"In the settlements of the Kyiv region liberated from the enemy, specialists from Ukrtelecom, Vodafone, lifecell and Kyivstar continue to repair damage or resume destruction on their telecom infrastructure, which the enemy purposefully tried to destroy," - writes Pavlyuk.

However, not everything is so rosy. 19,8 thousand households are still without electricity. And besides, the capital and suburbs cannot be called 100% safe places. On April 28, a rocket attack was carried out in the Shevchenkovsky district of Kyiv, during which one person was killed, four more were injured. Mayor Vitaliy Klichko noted that the city is still under the gun - it's too early to talk about returning to the old life.

The problem with electricity is also observed in other regions of the country. The Donetsk region suffers especially, to which there is no access due to constant shelling.

"The most difficult directions are Limanskoye, Avdeevskoye, Maryinskoye, Toretskoye and Velikonovoselkovskoye. The company's specialists are waiting for permission from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to carry out repairs of lines ", DTEK reported on April 28.

We previously reported that Kiev residents are urged to temporarily transfer to public transport due to a shortage of fuel. 


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