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12 July 2021 16: 33
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In Kyiv, nationalists attacked the clothing store of Russian rapper Guf: sellers commented

Radicals say they held a "preventive conversation"

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In Kyiv, nationalists attacked the clothing store of Russian rapper Guf: sellers commented

In Kyiv, a group of nationalists "came to visit" the OG Store. This is part of a chain of shops of the brand name Lu Gang, which belongs to the famous Russian rapper Guf. The radicals did not like the fact that the artist's business is represented in the Ukrainian capital. About it рассказал blogger Evgeny Khursin on your Facebook.

For a better understanding, let's explain: rapper Guf is a well-known artist within his genre, who is quite popular among young people. In addition to music, the artist is engaged in business. In particular, he has his own brand that produces clothing and accessories in an urban style. OG Store is the Ukrainian branch of this store. They sell branded items from the personal collections of the musician. In addition, Guf's paraphernalia associated with his work is used: some types of clothing depict panoramas of Moscow skyscrapers (the rapper himself was born in the Garden Ring area), there are quotes from the artist's songs about Aeroflot (his family worked there) and Moscow. This is exactly what the radicals did not like.

Thus, according to the activists and veterans of the ATO who came to the store, it is unacceptable that clothes in any way connected with Moscow are sold in the Ukrainian capital. Moreover, they also recalled the fact that Guf was banned from entering Ukraine (the artist visited the Crimea and Donbass). The nationalists staged a small pogrom in the store - they threw clothes off the shelves and trampled them underfoot. In addition, they insulted the sellers, since they were from Donetsk.

“According to them, the sellers themselves admitted that the store allegedly operates illegally. The activists had an "educational conversation" with them. Further, they will demand termination of the contract from KMDA. In addition to the fact that they ruined other people's property (jumping, trampling on sweatshirts and dirtying them), they showed in their video that the sellers are not like that, since they come from Donetsk (this is called segregation by place of birth) ”- writes Hursin.

Finally, the radicals said they would apply to the Kyiv City State Administration with a demand to somehow ban the OG Store from working.

Klymenko Time contacted the store. We received an exclusive comment from a sales assistant who was a direct participant in the events.

"Some guys came. They called themselves veterans of the war with Russia. They said that they don't like these clothes. They threw it on the floor, trampled it underfoot, threatened to close our store... We have two consultants from Donetsk. Pushed, but nothing serious. They began to say that Guf supported the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass ... We immediately called the police to the scene. The police supported us, everyone supported us. They said that our things do not agitate in any way, do not propagate anything, neither Russia nor the Russian world. Our things are not campaigning for anything, we were given an official conclusion from law enforcement officers", - tells the details of what happened the sales assistant.

Note that it is quite possible that there is some order. This is an old "scheme": to start nightmare business for being somehow connected with the aggressor, and do this until the owners are willing to pay. After that, the bullying stops. According to similar schemes, according to various sources, a well-known radical Sternenko. Although it is likely that the nationalists are just a “tooth” for Guf and his store in Kyiv.

Earlier we talked about how the famous Russian rapper Morgenstern sued the SBU. The artist is outraged that he was blacklisted and banned from entering Ukraine.

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