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31 December 2022 10: 00
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In which regions - planned shutdowns, and in which - emergency ones: who will have electricity on New Year's Eve?

For the New Year, the power engineers promised to do their best so that people could prepare for the holiday. How the power outage schedules will work - read the material.

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In which regions - planned shutdowns, and in which - emergency ones: who will have electricity on New Year's Eve?

Kyiv has already entered the stabilization schedules of shutdown, but in the regions the situation is still difficult. Mykolaiv, Dnepropetrovsk region and others are still struggling with a difficult electricity situation. 

Nikolayev In Nikolaev and the region, the outage schedule will be 4 hours without electricity and 2 hours with electricity. About it сообщили "Nikolayevoblenergo".

Kiev. Since December 30, scheduled power outages have been applied in Kyiv again. About it reported company DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks.

“By joint efforts, the power engineers managed to carry out technical work to stabilize the situation in Kyiv. Today we return to the schedules of stabilization shutdowns posted on the site. We will be able to adhere to them if there are no new attacks,” the company said in a Facebook post.

Recall how the shutdown schedules in Kyiv work:

  • white color at the graph - electricity is guaranteed;
  • gray color - no electricity is guaranteed;
  • light gray - periods when electricity can be turned off if the imbalance in the power system increases. During these periods, it is recommended to reduce energy consumption and not use elevators.

Odessa region and Dnepropetrovsk region. Only emergency shutdown schedules are in operation in areas due to recent shelling. The power engineers do not give any forecasts, since the "Shahids" fired at the region again at night. 

Lviv. After the attack, Lviv was left without electricity by 90%

“We are waiting for additional information from the power engineers. Trams and trolleybuses do not run around the city. Water supply interruptions are possible. We are moving on to the operation of diesel generators at critical infrastructure facilities," said the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy.

Kharkiv. Due to shelling, the metro stopped in the city (but on the evening of December 30 it was launched again). Rolling blackouts were introduced in three districts of the city.

"Traffic on the lines of the Kharkiv metro has been suspended. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience," the statement reads. communication metro.

Zhytomyr and Sumy. Due to the threat of missile attacks, emergency power cuts were applied in the Zhytomyr and Sumy regions, the distribution system operators Zhytomiroblenergo and Sumyoblenergo said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy said that will be with blackouts for the New Year.

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