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04 November 2022 11: 02
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Two times fewer vacancies and 2,6 million unemployed: the Ministry of Economy told how the state solves the problem of employment

The government has come up with several options to improve the situation.

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Two times fewer vacancies and 2,6 million unemployed: the Ministry of Economy told how the state solves the problem of employment

According to official data from the State Employment Service, up to 8 people apply for one vacancy. About how the government will solve this problem during the war, and what specialties are now the most in demand, said Olga, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Tatiana Berezhnaya.

The labor market sank 2 times

According to the official, the government monitors not only unemployment data recorded by the Employment Center, but also general data. Now in the country 241 thousand people are officially registered as unemployed - despite the fact that as of February 23, there were 317 thousand such persons. The authorities believe that the number of officially registered unemployed has decreased, because many have gone abroad, are in territories occupied by Russians, etc. We also wrote earlier that men are afraid to go to employment centers for fear of being mobilizedwhich lowers the official unemployment rate.

In this case, the supply on the labor market is now, compared to last year, much lower: if last year about 70 thousand vacancies were relevant, then this year - only 31 thousand, that is, there is a reduction of more than 2 times.

Also, the Ministry of Economy stated that now 8 unemployed people apply for a job, and last year at the same time 4 people applied for one job.

Most of the vacancies are represented by enterprises that make up the share of the processing industry, as well as those employed in trade, education, health care and the provision of social assistance. The most popular specialties remain: drivers, turners, seamstresses, bakers, painters, plumbers, etc., that is, mainly working specialties related to the operation of equipment and machines and skilled workers with tools.

At the same time, the indicators of the employment service are only statistics on people who are registered. The Ministry of Economy believes that in general, by the end of the year there will be 2,6 million actually unemployed in the country. And last year there were 1,7 million such people. Berezhnaya added that a significant part of the people who are classified as unemployed are people who have left the country or are in the occupied territories.

How does the state intend to solve the problem?

According to Berezhnaya, the government is now developing programs aimed at solving the problem of high unemployment. One of these programs is "eWork", within which Ukrainians can receive a microgrant of up to 250 thousand UAH. to his own business, provided that he creates two official jobs and pays taxes. Apply for it it is possible through "Diya".

Additionally, business for the employment of youth, veterans, combatants, persons with disabilities put compensation of the amount of the unified social contributionwhat he would have to pay for this worker. Given this benefit, the government believes that the employer will be able to hire more workers.

Also, as part of the relocation, the state helps businesses settle in a new place in a safe region, find new places of residence for employees, places for production facilities, etc.

"Army of Recovery" is also regarded as a very important project that will help not only to employ people, but also provide for the needs of the economy and the livelihoods of the population in a war. For more details about its features, we told in the material at the link.

Previously, we wrote that inflation and devaluation "ate" 40% of the income of Ukrainiansand quoted Kuleba, who found advantages in blackouts due to shelling.

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