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27 December 2022 19: 00
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In Chernivtsi, Pushkin was sent to Stalin, and the National Music Academy did not want to renounce Tchaikovsky

The Ministry of Culture allowed to dismantle the bust of Pushkin from the building of the Chernivtsi Drama Theater, which is an architectural monument and is located in the buffer zone of the UNESCO site.

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In Chernivtsi, Pushkin was sent to Stalin, and the National Music Academy did not want to renounce Tchaikovsky

The team of the National Music Academy of Ukraine did not want to remove the name of the Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky from its name. This decision was made by the staff of the educational institution during the general meetingswhich took place yesterday.

Didn't listen and didn't listen

This became known from messages Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Alexandra Tkachenko. who noted that he was disappointed with this decision.

“We are disappointed that the staff of the National Music Academy of Ukraine, whose meeting today took place in Kyiv, believes that it is necessary to figure out even further whether to remove the name of Tchaikovsky from the name of the leading musical university in Ukraine. In fact, neither the recommendations of the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada, nor the Expert Council for Overcoming the Consequences of Russification and Totalitarianism under the MKIP, nor the recommendations on Tchaikovsky, disseminated by the UINP, were taken into account. And this at a time when all our theaters refused to perform Tchaikovsky.He wrote.

According to the minister, it would not be superfluous ask and opinions of studentswho, according to Tkachenko, “are not indifferent” whose name their educational institution bears

“I welcome the students, who are the main stakeholder of the educational process and have spoken out quite actively. Young people are not indifferent to whose name the institution in which they study bears. The question is not even in whose name this institution should bear, it is a question of the markers with which we mark our educational and cultural spaces,” - he added.

Recall that back in June, the head of the Institute of National Memory of Ukraine Anton Drobovich said that the name of the Russian composer should be removed from the name of the National Music Academy of Ukraine Peter Tchaikovsky. According to him, Tchaikovsky was not guilty of anything before Ukraine и "there was no imperial chauvinism in his work and life", therefore, it is possible and necessary to listen, study and even respect a foreign composer along with Liszt, Ravel, Beethovenbut, in his opinion, "The National Music Academy of Ukraine should definitely have some other name." 

Pushkin - Soviet trash and a place for him next to Stalin

Meanwhile, in Chernivtsi, in recent days, they have been actively getting rid of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Mayor Friday Roman Klychuk posted on his social networks a video of the dismantling of the monument to the Russian poet, whom the mayor of Chernivtsi for some reason referred to as "Soviet rubbish".

“We are consistently getting rid of Soviet rubbish. This time, the last monument to the “great Russian poet” Pushkin fell under dismantling. We don’t need other people’s heroes, enough of our own”, - Klyuchuk signed the video.

But, as it turned out today, this was not the last Pushkin in the city. Another bust of the Russian poet was found on the building of the Chernivtsi Music and Drama Theater named after Olga Kobylyanska. True, he suffered a less sad fate than a monument. The bust was simply removed and sent to the warehouse. About it сообщили in the press service of the regional council.

"Pushkin will be kept as an artifact in the theatre's warehouse, next to the bust of Stalin," theater director Ivan Butnyak says. Soon, a questionnaire will appear on the theater's Facebook page, with the help of which Chernivtsi will determine whose bust will take the place of the Russian poet. Among the options is Yuri Fedkovich, Lesya Ukrainka and other famous personalities", - said in a statement.

It should be noted that the building of the theater in Chernivtsi is the creation of famous Viennese architects Ferdinand Felner and Herman Helmerwho created more than 40 magnificent buildings in Europe, including the Vienna and Odessa theaters. It is noteworthy that the Chernivtsi theater is an architectural copy of the theater in the German city of Furth. But in terms of architecture and interior, the Chernivtsi theater was close to the Viennese one, in particular, its facade was made in the Viennese Baroque style with the use of Art Nouveau elements. The main entrance is decorated with high relief and sculptural compositions, which were created based on Greek mythology by an Austrian sculptor Ernest Hedenbart. Above the entrance is a statue of Melpomene. Above the windows there are graceful pediment groups, and in the niches, in addition to the removed bust of Pushkin, busts are installed. Beethoven, Haydn, Goethe, Mozart, Schiller, Schubert and Shevchenko. In addition, since 2011 the theater has been located in the area, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

As explained Ivan ButnyakSince the building is an architectural monument of national importance, permission from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine to dismantle the bust of Pushkin was expected for several months.

Earlier we wrote that de-Russification and decommunization intensified in Ukraine due to the war, as a result of which a number of monuments that are somehow connected with Russia and its history are being dismantled and moved to other places.

So In Kyiv, they intend to dismantle the monuments to the military leader Nikolai Vatutin and one of the military leaders of the Bolsheviks Nikolai Shchors. In Kharkov, a monument to Pushkn also disappeared from the theater square.

We also said that Streets of Biden and Johnson may appear in Ukraine, and said that, according to Politico, derussification only moves Ukraine away from victory.

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