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26 November 2020 11: 05
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Radiation jumps recorded in Chernobyl - they grow and move outside the exclusion zone (photo)

In Chernobyl, unusually huge and with significant frequency jumps in radiation pollution were recorded within the alienated zone and outside it. The situation, according to experts, can be dangerous. KlymenkoTime sorted out this issue.

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Radiation jumps recorded in Chernobyl - they grow and move outside the exclusion zone (photo)

In mid-November 2020, at the monitoring station near the spent nuclear fuel storage facility (KHOYAT-2), the indicators of radiation pollution jumped sharply. On November 17 in the afternoon, this figure reached an “unbelievable” 124 WIP/hour (work in progress), while the standard even for this area is 000 WIP/hour, which is almost 210 times less. The next day, before lunch at the neighboring station "Outflow Canal" - 600 WIP / hour, that is, almost 62 times higher than the usual value.

“It was on November 18 that a historic event took place for all of Ukraine and the world in particular. For the first time, spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) was shipped to the new storage facility KHOJAT-2 for long-term storage, up to 100 years", - say experts in the field of anomalies based on data State agency for the management of the exclusion zone.

The first thing that comes to mind is that such sharp jumps are caused precisely by this fuel overload. But, according to experts, such indicators of pollution from the movement of spent nuclear fuel are simply impossible. Allegedly, the fuel has already been spent and is being prepared for disposal, it will be carefully sealed in containers that will protect it from radiation.

The question - why exactly during the days of the spent nuclear fuel transfer, the sensors recorded excessively high jumps in radiation pollution, remains open. Perhaps the experts are wrong?

Sergei Mirny, the commander of a radiation reconnaissance platoon and the director of the Chernobyl Tour, told KlymenkoTime that this situation is really ambiguous, and so far experts cannot sort out this issue.

“I cannot say with certainty that these figures are 100% guaranteed. I read the conclusions, they could be confused there, I saw different units of measurement in the reports. However, it should not be ruled out that this may turn out to be true. ”, - Mirny emphasized and added that the declared figures are really dangerous.

Uncertainty is also introduced by the fact that the indicators were exceeded not by tens and hundreds, but by thousands of times at almost all stations in the zone. For example, a post in the former village of Stechanka on November 17 in the morning recorded an indicator of 117 WIP/hour. Such indicators were recorded three times on this day and in different places, according to the Savednipro map. There were also excesses outside the exclusion zone, for example, in the village of Gornostaypol, Vyshgorodsky district, Kyiv region, where the population is 000 people. It was there that on November 1, radiation pollution reached an extraordinary 100 WIP/hour.

Radiation jumps were recorded in Chernobyl - they grow and move outside the exclusion zone (photo) - photo 1

The data was collected thanks to the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone, the Main Center for Special Control, the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, nuclear power plants and local governments

“For you to understand the difference, I will give an example - for our area, the radiation background is acceptable - 70-100 WIP / hour. And judging by the indicators, on that day in Gornostaypol, the usual value was added 876 times.”Mirny emphasized.

The most unpleasant thing is that after November 18, the races did not stop, moreover, they began to grow and spread. The following days become no less "hot" for the zone and its environs. On November 19, at the monitoring stations Zalesye, Zapolye and Cherevach, which are actually located not far from Chernobyl, excesses of up to 3.5 thousand WIP/hour were recorded.

“An interesting fact is that the stations are located near the roads, and the excess was recorded alternately with a difference of about an hour, something was transported to the zone and increased the radiation background in these places,” wrote in the Savednipro report.

Experts in the field of radiation safety suggest that something was taken out of the zone, for example, dangerous radiation metal or wood. However, according to Sergei Mirny, these assumptions are just fiction. Firstly, these “transportations” had to take place right next to the stations, and the distance between the road and them is considerable in order to have such indicators, and secondly, this would have been noticed.

“By the way, you can see for yourself these fluctuations. In live mode look at the indicators on the map in the Radiation section. Races are going on in the zone right now, ”- Mirny added.

The report also states: “Radiation pollution has not stopped, and is recorded at other monitoring stations. And there are so many of them that we even thought that it was a failure of the monitoring equipment, but not at the same time at all stations, and even during the period of work with nuclear waste. So it's better to check."

We also turned to Victoria Ruban, head of the main department of the State Tax Service in the Kyiv region, for clarification: “Sorry, but we do not deal with such issues, I cannot comment on anything. It is better to contact the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the exclusion zone.”

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