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06 May 2022 16: 30
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UOC-MP banned in Brovary, Kyiv region – city mayor

Meanwhile, the mayor of Konotop instructed the security forces to seal the property of the UOC-MP churches in the city.

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UOC-MP banned in Brovary, Kyiv region – city mayor

In Brovary, Kyiv region, the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate were banned for the entire period of martial law. The corresponding decision was made on May 6 at a session of the Brovary city council, the mayor of the city said. Igor Sapozhko в Telegram.

He stated that this means that the protection of real estate objects of the church communities of the UOC-MP will be established and a special regime of their work will be introduced. Under the ban will be the holding of meetings, rallies and all other public events.

"The duration of the ban is for the entire period of martial law", Sapozhko emphasized.

In addition, it was decided to rename about 30 streets whose names are associated with Russia:

  • st. Blok Alexander - Tsvelaya Irina;
  • per. Vavilov - Rockford;
  • st. Gagarin - Heroes of Ukraine;
  • st. Herzen - Grodzisky district;
  • st. Glinka - Kazimir Malevich;
  • per. Glinka - Kazimir Malevich;
  • st. Decembrists - Kharkov;
  • st. Yesenina - Zalesskaya;
  • per. Yesenin - Zalessky;
  • st. Korolenko - Black Cossacks;
  • per. Korolenko - Black Cossacks;
  • st. Lermontov - Kherson;
  • st. Lomonosov - Lobanovsky Valery;
  • st. Mayakovsky - King Daniel;
  • st. Michurina - Walnut;
  • st. Nekrasova - Gostomelskaya;
  • per. Onega - Kobzar;
  • st. Pavlova - Nikolaevskaya;
  • st. Popovich - Kadenyuk Leonid;
  • st. Pushkin - Renaissance;
  • st. Razin Stepan - Vladimir Monomakh;
  • st. Rokossovsky - Volnovakha;
  • st. Sedova - Irpenskaya;
  • st. Serov-Krasnitsky district;
  • st. Slutsk - Mariupol;
  • st. Starchenko - Zadarskaya;
  • st. Tolstoy - Buchanskaya;
  • st. Turgenev - Gnezno district;
  • per. Filatov - Renaissance;
  • st. Tchaikovsky - Ivasyuk Vladimir;
  • st. Chernyshevsky - Rodnikovaya;
  • st. Chekhov - Crane.

The mayor of Konotop instructed the security forces to seal the property of the temples of the UOC-MP in the city

Mayor of Konotop Artem Semenikhin noted that there were about ten temples of the UOC-MP in the city and now work is underway to stop their activities on the territory of the community.

“A large meeting is being prepared with the security forces, I gave them relevant instructions so that the police make a description and seal the property in the temples. Terodefense should protect these objects. Do not allow provocations from Moscow priests, so that church utensils are not stolen, because this is the property of the community, and not the Moscow Patriarchate. And the second stage this is a gathering of the community and the determination of their belonging to a particular confession, we have freedom of religion» the mayor says.

The mayor stressed that he would do everything "so that this Moscow fifth column disappears from the territory of the bulk of Konotop."

“Thus, I want to start a challenge among my colleagues, city chairmen all over Ukraine, so that they take the same orders, whether it be decisions of city councils or executive committees to ban the Moscow Patriarchate”Seminihin emphasized.

Ukraine will not ban the UOC-MP during the war

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk said that the parliament would not ban the activities of the UOC-MP. “We have been discussing this issue for a long time within our political factions and groups. And despite the fact that everyone somewhere inside has their own internal solution, which largely coincides with what you talked about, we agreed as follows: during the war, we have no right to adopt a single law that splits Ukrainian society», - this is how the speaker answered the question of whether the Rada would consider a bill to ban the UOC-MP.

Stefanchuk is sure that any law that is submitted to the Rada and splits society gives impetus to the emergence or activation of internal collaborators in the state, which cannot be allowed, since the Ukrainian nation must be united. “We will deal with everyone after the victory,” said he.

People's Deputy Inna Sovsun (“Voice”), which introduced one of the two bills to the parliament to ban the activities of the UOC-MP, sure that the authorities hinder the process of their consideration, because he wants to “sit on two chairs” without losing support both among the “patriotic part of society and among those who support the UOC-MP in Ukraine.”

According to her, the authorities “according to the old Ukrainian political tradition, they are afraid to take decisive steps, even if they are true and not amenable to any appeal.” “I talked with many colleagues about this, and in private conversations they repeat the thesis (of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan - ed.) Stefanchuk “out of time”: that this will lead to a split in society,” Sovsun said.

We previously reported that in Konotop the mayor banned the activities of the UOC-MP.

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