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01 August 2022 17: 15
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The increase in military presence and the threat in the face of the United States and NATO: what is the new maritime doctrine of Russia

Russia also intends to strengthen control over the Black Sea, which may affect Ukrainian interests.

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The increase in military presence and the threat in the face of the United States and NATO: what is the new maritime doctrine of Russia

July 31 unveiled текст the new Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation, which is aimed at strengthening geopolitical positions in the Black and Azov Seas. We talk about its key provisions and what could be the consequences of its adoption for Ukraine and the world.

Key points of the Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation

The key priorities of the Naval Doctrine are:

National interests of the Russian Federationthat are distributed throughout the oceans and the Caspian Sea.

Such interests of the Russian Federation include: ensuring the independence and territorial integrity, sovereignty of the Russian Federation, maintaining the status of a world power, developing the maritime potential and strengthening defense capability, ensuring the safe operation of offshore pipeline systems, etc.

The Russian Federation considers the Arctic waters, the waters of the Black, Okhotsk and Bering Seas, the Baltic and Kuril straits as key zones in the World Ocean.

Priorities of the maritime policy of the Russian Federation:

  • development shipbuilding complex in the Far East, including for aircraft carrier construction and development of the Arctic;
  • control of the naval activities of foreign states in the waters of the Northern Sea Route;
  • increase in combat potential and development of the basing system of the Northern Fleet;
  • ensuring a given operational regime in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation by strengthening the combat potential of the forces of the Northern and Pacific Fleets;
  • development of forces and the basing system of the Caspian Flotilla, increasing their quantitative and qualitative parameters;
  • the determining factor in relations with NATO is the unacceptability of the promotion of the alliance's infrastructure to the borders of the Russian Federation.

The doctrine states Russian security threats:

  • strategic US course towards dominance in the oceans and their global influence on the development of international processes, including those related to the use of transport communications and energy resources of the World Ocean;
  • promotion of NATO military infrastructure to the borders of Russia;
  • increase in the number of exercises unification forces in the waters of the seas adjacent to the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • the desire of the United States and its allies to limiting Russia's access to the resources of the World Ocean and vital maritime transport communications, etc.

The doctrine also provides for the formation in the states of the Asia-Pacific region of logistics centers for the Russian Navy in order to create conditions for inter-fleet transitions of the forces of the Navy and create conditions for their presence in the Asia-Pacific region and the Red Sea.

In addition, it is planned to build new port complexes in the Baltic Sea and ensuring transport accessibility of Kaliningrad.

The need to develop relations with the states of the Middle East and North Africa is also noted.

What does it all mean

In addition to the public definition of the main threats to the security of the Russian Federation (read: the main geopolitical enemies), the following key points can be distinguished in the Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation:

  • RF revised the Naval Doctrine in the context of the war in Ukrainewhen the political confrontation with the West is growing and statements are periodically made about the possible escalation of the conflict to the level of the world - that is, it has formed it, adjusted for new realities;
  • unlike the previous Naval Doctrine, this one places a key emphasis on the oceanic mission of the Russian Navy;
  • the doctrine continues the fears voiced earlier by the President of the Russian Federation about the expansion of NATO to the east;
  • given that the interests of the Russian Federation in the doctrine are also indicated in the Kuril Islands and in the Antarctic, there is a possibility of introducing an obligation for foreign ships to enter there only with diplomatic permission - after all, this issue has already been touched upon earlier;
  • Considering that the Northern Sea Route is the fastest way to transport goods from Asia to Europe, the Russian Federation intends to retain this route and will try to prevent other states from controlling it;

The increase in military presence and the threat in the face of the United States and NATO: what is the new naval doctrine of Russia - photo 1

  • RF will actively build up military presence in the World Ocean, including the construction of aircraft carriers and the number of military, that is, the naval militarization of the Russian Federation will begin. It should be noted that Russian military experts were rather skeptical about the intention to build aircraft carriers, arguing that they need to be equipped with a new family of carrier-based aircraft and powerful air defense systems. Recall that earlier Ukraine with the help of American intelligence was able to sink the cruiser "Moskva";
  • in general, given the militarization, the Naval Doctrine can be considered as a declared intention to oppose the US and NATO in the oceans;
  • probably the Russian Federation will try control the waters of the Black Sea as much as possible, and hence all Ukrainian shipping, which previously took place in the region. And this may mean an intention to capture the Odessa region in the future.

We will remind, earlier Russian troops left about. Serpentinewhich weakened its military position.

Earlier we wrote that, following the results of the NATO summit, Russia is named the main security threat, and also said that Europe braces for risk of escalation between China and US.

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