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28 May 2022 11: 40
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UOC officially separated from the Moscow Patriarchate

The corresponding decision was made at the Council of the UOC in the St. Panteleimon Convent

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UOC officially separated from the Moscow Patriarchate

On May 27, the Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was held in the St. Panteleimon Convent (Feofaniya). On it the UOC under the leadership of the Metropolitan Onufriy decided to secede from Moscow and Constantinople and declared independence from the Russian Orthodox Church.

On the official website of the UOC published decree Cathedral, consisting of 10 points.

  1. Condemnation of the war in Ukraine as a violation of God's sixth commandment "Thou shalt not kill!".
  2. An appeal to the authorities of Ukraine and Russia with a call to continue the negotiation process and try to resolve the conflict peacefully.
  3. Disagreement with the position of the patriarch Cyril regarding the war in Ukraine.
  4. Approval of amendments to the Statute on the administration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which testifies to the complete independence and independence of the UOC.
  5. Approval of the activities of the Department of Affairs and Synodal Institutions of the UOC, as well as approval of their decisions.
  6. The resumption of chrismation in Kyiv.
  7. Giving diocesan bishops the right to independently make decisions on certain issues related to the competence of the Holy Synod or the Primate of the UOC for the duration of the war.
  8. A proposal to open Ukrainian Orthodox parishes in other countries, given the number of parishioners-refugees.
  9. Regret about the split in Ukrainian Orthodoxy, a call to stop the forceful seizure of the temples of the UOC, as well as a request to resolve the issue of the canonicity of the hierarchy of the OCU.
  10. A thanksgiving prayer to God for the return of fraternal relations, as well as the hope for an end to the war and reconciliation of the warring.

Священник Andrey Pinchuk reported that at the end of the Council, all clauses linking the UOC with the MP were removed from the Charter.

"Everything that connects the UOC with the MP has been removed from the statute. Despite the enormous pressure of the pro-Moscow forces, the UOC declared its independence. Creation of the world will take place in Kyiv. From now on, the independent election of the Primate. From now on, the independent formation of parishes in the Diaspora. Commemoration of Patriarch Kirill in churches The UOC is terminated," пишет He is on his Facebook page.

Two days ago we reported that They want to force the UOC-MP to pay taxes, and the temple in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra can be taken away from the Moscow Patriarchate. 

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