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26 May 2021 16: 30
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"Ukrainska Pravda" is sold: the well-known publication was officially acquired by the "right hand of Soros" Tomas Fiala

An oligarch or a respected Western investor?

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Ukrayinska Pravda is Sold: Soros’ Right-hand Man Tomas Fiala Officially Acquired a Well-Known Publication

The well-known Ukrainian online publication, founded back in 2000 by Georgy Gongadze, was bought by a well-known Czech businessman Tomas Fiala. About it сообщается on the UP website.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed. There are rumors in the media space that the issue price was $25 million, but this data has not been confirmed.

"Founding editor of the online publication Ukrainska Pravda Alyona Prytula and CEO of Dragon Capital Tomas Fiala signed an agreement under which 100% of the corporate rights to the publication and all its assets are transferred to the Dragon Capital group of companies. The parties agreed that the editorial policy of the publication and approaches to work will remain unchanged", - said in a press release on the UP website.

It is reported that all employees and top management will continue to work as usual. The new owner undertakes not to influence the work of the publication in any way. It should be noted that earlier, according to a similar scheme, Fiala bought the well-known media outlet Novoye Vremya.

Dragon Capital sees the purchase of UP as an investment in "press freedom in Ukraine." At Fiala, they are confident in the prospects of the acquired asset and consider the purchase profitable.

“The wealth of experience… accumulated in the process of investing in digital media… will help the UP project become even more interesting for the reader and strengthen its leadership position in the market”, the report says.

Thus, the once leading Ukrainian media (remaining in the top of the most popular online publications in its political segment) officially passes under the control of a person directly associated with structures of Soros and actually being the "right hand" of a billionaire in Ukraine. However, this is really unlikely to somehow change the editorial policy of UP, which has long been radically pro-Western, and rumors about ties with foreign capital have been circulating for years. Rather, we are talking about the fact that “the masks have been thrown off” and the real owners of Ukrayinska Pravda decided to become nominal owners as well.

Note that Tomas Fiala actually is a representative of the oligarchy - if you follow Zelensky's terminology and deputies of the Servant of the People. He has a number of his own media, he is a de facto monopolist in the investment market, there are rumors that he is actively buying up banks and even looking at PrivatBank, etc. And then how does he differ from Medvedchuk, Akhmetov or Kolomoisky? However, apparently, the authorities believe that “this is different”: it’s the oligarchs, and Fiala is a respected European investor.

Ранее Klymenko Time in detail figured out who Tomas Fiala is and what he does in Ukraine.

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