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15 June 2022 09: 00
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Ukraine received from the West only 10% of the weapons it asked for

The Ministry of Defense admitted that it would not be possible to win the war without the help of the West.

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Ukraine received from the West only 10% of the weapons it asked for

Currently, Western partners have transferred to Ukraine about 10% of the weapons requested by Kyiv. This was announced on the air of the telethon by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Painter.

“No matter what efforts Ukraine makes today, no matter how professional our army is, without the help of Western partners we will not be able to win this war. Today we have about 10% of what Ukraine has stated that we need.”, - she said.

Also, according to the official, Ukraine spends 5-6 thousand artillery shells on the battlefield every day, and Russia 10 times more, and because of this, the West should accelerate the provision of military assistance. Today, June 15, a meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine in the Rammstein format is to be held, from which the ministry expects to set a clear time frame for the provision of assistance.

“We expect that our Western partners will not only agree to help, as they already have now, but there will also be a clear time frame, and these will be the nearest terms, and this will be exactly the assistance that Ukraine needs”, - she said.

The fact that without powerful offensive weapons the war is only dragging on, said on June 13 and the President Vladimir Zelensky.

And the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov, commenting on arms supplies to Ukraine, in an interview with The Economist said that "the bureaucracy and pragmatism of the West proved to be much stronger than Western values".

How many weapons Ukraine requests

Earlier, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak announced how much, in his opinion, the Ukrainian army needs in order to achieve parity with the Russian Federation at the front and win:

  • 1000 155 mm howitzers;
  • 300 MLRS;
  • 500 tanks;
  • 2000 armored vehicles;
  • 1000 drones.

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in response to such a request said: “Firstly, the United States is ready to provide everything and help Ukraine succeed. (…) We are focused on making sure they are helped or given what they need to protect their sovereign territory.”.

Who supplies weapons to Ukraine and how many

According to information in database assistance to Ukraine Ukraine Support Tracker, the United States turned out to be the absolute leader in the supply of arms to Ukraine at the beginning of May - but this data was even before the start of the active implementation of the Lend-Lease program. In second place is Great Britain, in third is Poland, in fourth is the EU, and in fifth is Germany, which Ukraine criticizes most of all for slow deliveries.

Ukraine received from the West only 10% of the weapons it asked for - photo 1

Earlier we wrote about what, according to Lavrov, are the goals of the Russian Federation in the war in Ukraine, and published an opinion that war in Ukraine could drag on for 10 years or more.

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