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31 August 2022 20: 17
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Teachers in the occupied territories may be declared collaborators

But at the same time, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in the war zone, teachers and children are left with almost no instructions on the educational process from the MES.

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Teachers in the occupied territories may be declared collaborators

Ukrainian teachers who agree teach in schools in the temporarily occupied territories  may be held accountable for cooperating with the aggressor country. About it on briefing said the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation Sergei Babak.

It is worth noting that schools in the Ukrainian territories, which are currently under the control of the Russian Federation, the local "authorities" without fail transfer to Russian educational programs. According to Babak, teaching in such an educational institution is nothing more than collaborationism.

"Teachers who try to start studying according to Russian programs, according to our legislation, are equated with collaborators and are subject to the Criminal Code of Ukraine with all the negative consequences," Babak said.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada noted that this does not apply to children, since they can be forced to go to school.

True, the parliamentary committee notes that the majority of teachers in the occupied settlements are not going to work under the "new authorities", but about 1300 schoolsunder the control of the Russian Federation will work online.

But human rights activists describe not such a rosy situation. According to the Center for Human Rights CHANGE in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in the war zone, teachers and children are left with almost no instructions on the educational process, writes zn.ua.

Head of the Center for Civic Education "Almenda" Valentina Potapova stated that only in the south now 885 schools are under occupation.

So far, there is no public strategy in Ukraine on how to preserve Ukrainian education in the occupied territories and protect students and teachers. According to the educational ombudsman of Ukraine Sergei Gorbachev, in the coming days, the Ministry of Education and Science should present an algorithm of actions for all participants in the educational process in the conditions of occupation.

In the meantime, the authorities advise students to study at home on the platform All-Ukrainian school online.

Recall that  Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes to clearly define the permitted list of actions for officials and businesseswho, for objective reasons, cannot leave the territories under the control of the Russian Federation.

According to the bill registered in Parliament, the following will not be prosecuted:

  • ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen;
  • operational-search activity;
  • pre-trial investigation;
  • provision of medical services, social services to the population;
  • provision of public services;
  • protection of protected areas.
  • drug trade;
  • payment and delivery of pensions, cash assistance;
  • charitable activities, humanitarian aid;
  • provision of housing and communal services, taking into account the peculiarities and restrictions determined by the authorities;
  • work in the educational sphere, provided that the propaganda of the aggressor state is not carried out.

Actually, the last point confirms what was said Sergei Babakand gives teachers a choice: either lose your job or get a term for collaborationism, since in any case teaching according to the Russian program is regarded as propaganda of the aggressor state.

Admittedly, this is a somewhat controversial issue. It is clear that this clearly applies to teachers of philologists, historians and even geographers, but the laws of physics and chemistry, mathematical equations and geometric axioms, as well as physical culture, can hardly be somehow connected with propaganda.

Earlier we wrote about how not to become a collaborator in the temporarily occupied territory and for what they can be held accountableand told how will treason be punished.

We also talked about what changes were made by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine in the content of curricula general secondary education by "History of Ukraine", "World History", "Fundamentals of Health", "Fundamentals of Jurisprudence", "Foreign Literature" and even "Geography" in connection with the war.

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