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18 September 2022 11: 28
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The Tribunal, the issue of a "terrorist country" and prisoners: what Zelensky will talk about at the UN General Assembly

Volodymyr Zelenskyy will address the UN General Assembly via video link. He will pay special attention in his speech to the issue of the tribunal.

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Tribunal, the question of a terrorist country and prisoners: what Zelensky will talk about at the UN General Assembly

The President of Ukraine, in an address to the UN General Assembly, will call for support in the restoration of Ukraine and the creation of a tribunal for war crimes in Russia. About this head of state сообщил in an interview with Reuters.

"Two points are important, they need to be raised to the highest possible level, among the leaders, and get results. This is to support the resolution on the mechanism for the return of money, the reimbursement of money from the occupier and these assets. We really need this mechanism, it does not exist yet. And the second point is, of course, a resolution regarding the creation of a special tribunal for those crimes, all those people who committed these crimes. I focused on these two steps," he said.

Vladimir Zelensky explained that separately in the United States, where the meetings of the UN General Assembly are held, one should "talk about the issue of recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism."

"This is also a very important step," he stressed.

In addition, Zelensky separately emphasized the issue of prisoners. The President said that hundreds of Russian soldiers were captured during the counter-offensive. However, there are much more Ukrainian soldiers in Russian captivity. 

“The Russians have more of our prisoners than we have - the Russian military or mercenaries who work for the Russian Federation, terrorists. Therefore, our task is to replenish this exchange fund," Zelensky said.

Another topic is the return of Crimea to Ukraine. The President does not deny that this can be done through diplomacy. But the issue of negotiations with Russia is constantly stopped. We already wrote under what conditions these negotiations can take place. 

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